front row seat every day

When the sun comes out and the shorts come on, we make a run for our favorite local nature park. I grew up on the trails, so letting my kids run free through the dirt bike paths and foot trails is a perfect way to celebrate warm weather. Yesterday we hustled to get school work done and then made a run for a day hike.

My girls. A lot like my sister and I many years ago.

3.16leaves-013.16leaves-02Scooting down the steep trails on her booty…with a little help from her big brother.3.16leaves-03This place is my favorite playground. We leave dirty, tired and usually with a few new scratches – all the markings of a great adventure outside.3.16leaves-053.16leaves-063.16leaves-08She dove into the leaves and quickly started covering herself in them. She was laughing and telling us she couldn’t find her legs. This girl. I feel like we were just celebrating her graduation from occupational therapy – a long process of overcoming some huge sensory and texture obstacles. Not that long ago this moment would have been marked by tears and panic. Yesterday it was all giggles and smiles. One of my favorite parts of parenting is watching my kids overcome their fears. 3.16leaves-093.16leaves-10What started as a hike to soak in the sun turned into a reminder that parenting is getting a front row seat to the miraculous every day.

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