Ecuador {a few of our views}

You can read all my posts about my time in Ecuador with Compassion International last week by scrolling back a couple posts. Yesterday and today I am sharing a handful of pictures that did not make it into those posts, but ones I wanted archived here.

We were able to see so many different areas of Ecuador – all breathtaking in different ways.

EcuadorSites-01EcuadorSites-02EcuadorSites-03EcuadorSites-04EcuadorSites-06EcuadorSites-07EcuadorSites-08EcuadorSites-09EcuadorSites-10EcuadorSites-11EcuadorSites-12EcuadorSites-13EcuadorSites-14EcuadorSites-15EcuadorSites-16EcuadorSites-17EcuadorSites-18 Ecuador is such a beautiful country with gracious and friendly people. And the best empanadas and ceviche I have ever tasted…ever.

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