Ecuador {a few of our views}

You can read all my posts about my time in Ecuador with Compassion International last week by scrolling back a couple posts. Yesterday and today I am sharing a handful of pictures that did not make it into those posts, but ones I wanted archived here.

We were able to see so many different areas of Ecuador – all breathtaking in different ways.

EcuadorSites-01EcuadorSites-02EcuadorSites-03EcuadorSites-04EcuadorSites-06EcuadorSites-07EcuadorSites-08EcuadorSites-09EcuadorSites-10EcuadorSites-11EcuadorSites-12EcuadorSites-13EcuadorSites-14EcuadorSites-15EcuadorSites-16EcuadorSites-17EcuadorSites-18 Ecuador is such a beautiful country with gracious and friendly people. And the best empanadas and ceviche I have ever tasted…ever.

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  • Rae - Wow, Ashley! I love how your pictures can be so inspiring!
    Hope Little One is doing better. Can’t wait to see her beautiful smile! <3

  • Byron - Magic with a camera! Capturing things the way you do is quite a talent. Beautiful pictures!

  • Lacey - Ashley, each and every post you’re sharing about Ecuador is remarkable, moving, humbling and inspiring. Thank you so much for bringing us into your experience. <3

  • carla - i hadnt the time last week to say anything, but better late than never 🙂 for Corbett : if you want to learn Spanish there’s a great app & website called duolingo. If you dont already use it check it out! For any others wanting to learn languages it does french and german and all kinds as well.
    otherwise, spend a good week together y’all. rest well

  • Ramona - Looks a lot like Romania. 🙂

  • Samantha - Wow! These photos are stunning. I love the vibrant colors. Looks like a beautiful place. Your stories you’ve been sharing about Ecuador are humbling.