home and then away again

A full day of pre-op appointments. A mom that was/is emotionally and mentally drained. Three stir crazy girls. A bag of medical supplies left behind for us. A goal to fill a potentially stressful/fearful day for my youngest with fun and laughs…

This morning our youngest is having her third surgery related to her cleft lip/palate. As most of you read this we will be in the surgical waiting room – anxiously waiting for a doctor to come tell us the surgery is over and she is well. I know many of you will read this and immediately start praying for our daughter – thank you.

I scheduled a couple posts for the rest of the week, as I will be off the computer and snuggling my girl. The posts are just some pictures from Ecuador that didn’t make it in my posts last week, but ones I wanted stored here for my own reference in the future.

As I was gone last week, today was always strong in my mind. I am so grateful that when we knew she needed surgery it was a matter of “when” and not “if”. It is an incredible gift and privilege to have access to amazing medical care. However, it still doesn’t make it easy. We appreciate your prayers.

2 1/2 years ago – her second surgery


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  • Cathy S. - Thoughts and prayers for quick healing for your daughter and strength for the family as you go thru this third surgery.

  • Kristin - Praying for her, the family, her medical team.

  • Nancy - Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
    How great Thou art, How great Thou art.
    Prayers that your sweet Song will always be strong for The Lord.

  • Jenn - praying praying praying for peace, comfort, safety and healing

  • Holly - That top picture is one of my favorites you’ve posted! What a great way to make surgery less scary!

  • Liz - I am a Mom of a handsome boy born with a cleft lip and palate. He is 20 now and has had 6 surgeries. I know what you are going through and know the waiting is the hardest! I would have traded places with him if I could but, he is so brave and has taught me so much about love and patience. After every surgery, I would hold him (except for the last one, he is bigger that me now) and hug him tight and thank God he gave me such a wonderful gift. Sending many prayers your way.

  • Laura Y - Thinking and praying for you and your beautiful girl!

  • jody - Oh…sending you big breaths of faith, strength & love. Just had my son in for wrist surgery yesterday and all i could think of is Moms that have to go through surgeries with their kiddos….it’s so tough no matter what. we are so blessed we have what we have in this country though. Your daughter’s smile will be bigger than ever!!!

  • Byron - God bless you and your family!

  • Mary Beth - Praying for you all today! My husband and I created a prayer guide for while your child is in surgery that you can find here if you would like: http://tinyurl.com/hcxgnf2 I’m so thankful for the way you love your family and inspire life and fun in your kiddos. You are the embodiment of one of our values: A Diagnosis Isn’t Everything. 🙂

  • Rae - Prayers for you and your sweet girl <3

  • Emily - Keeping your family in my heart this week. So much love to you.

  • Tracy R - Looking forward to news that the surgery was a success and hopeful for a speedy recovery!

  • Jo Moseley - I read your post earlier today and I prayed. Stopping by again, to tell you that I am continuing to pray for your Littlest. Take care of your weary self, Ashley. Snuggle close with your sweet girl and let Him Hold you both. Love, Jo

  • Maureen - Prayers and Love. Our family has a lot of heart invested in Little One too and we deeply appreciate you sharing these important times with us. Please share with Little One hugs, kisses and love from her Alaska family and with all your family.

  • Suzanne - Praying for you and your sweet little girl.

  • Erin - Praying for everyone! Wish I was there in ‘real lufe’ to get you a Starbucks and a treat!

  • debi - I am praying for your little one. I have a little boy who is 17 months old and was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and we have made it through two surgeries. I imagine it doesn’t get any easier does it? Praying for you guys and your little one as she recovers. Debi

  • Tiffany - Praying for each of you. !

  • Elise - praying praying praying!!!!!

  • bethany - Praying for you all and a quick recovery. What an awful way to spend the new year… but, I know her mommy and daddy made it special anyways <3

  • Sonia - Your posts are incredibly inspiring. You give me food for thought everyday. You and your family are amazing! I wish you all the best, I think you are doing an incredible job raising your children. My prays go with you all the way from Spain.

  • Elizabeth H - Praying dear friend <3