that was weird mom

Gymnastics was over and the girls were running around with a little clan of leotard wearing friends. I called them over and we began walking to the car.

“Mom, that was weird,” my 6 year old told me. I asked her what was weird and she began re-telling me the conversation her little group just finished.

“They asked if we got to spend the night together tonight. I didn’t know what they were talking about,” she explained. “Then I realized they thought we were friends! They didn’t know we were sisters! They thought we were friends that spend the night together. It was so weird!” she exclaimed.

Knowing this was the first time my girls were approached by friends not knowing they were sisters, I asked her why she thought they didn’t know. This time both of my girls smiled, “because we don’t look like each other.” They went on to tell me they explained to their friends that they were sisters AND they get to spend the night together every night.

I know it was just the first of many similar conversations they will have in the future. We talked about how lots of siblings don’t look alike. We talked about how there will be days they might be sad about their different appearances and how there will be days that they love their differences.

They make a funny pair.

1.16sisters-011.16sisters-021.16sisters-031.16sisters-041.16sisters-05I have a feeling these two might use not looking alike to their advantage in the teenage years…I can only imagine all my sister and I would have tried if we didn’t think people would guess we were sisters!

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