Family Pics {taken, not printed…yet}

For Christmas my mom wanted us all to get a photo together. My parents, my family and my sister’s family stopped by a nearby park with my tripod in hand. Nothing fancy, just us together was the goal. It is a bit tricky trying to get us all in a photo and looking at the camera using a tripod, but I think it worked out well.

My family

1.16family-10Before my parents arrived I thought I would attempt a shot of my crew and surprise my mom with a print of it. This was our best attempt. I’ve said it before…there is a reason the majority of our pictures are candid. Cue all the awkward smiles. Makes me laugh. Mom, if you want a print of this, I might need to add thought bubbles to it.

1.16family-01An attempt at a brother shot…1.16family-02And then I just told them to pose however they wanted. This is so much more them. Can you guess the boy that keeps us laughing?1.16family-03First attempt at a kid shot…1.16family-05Second attempt…1.16family-06And then a little begging from me for everyone to just stand and smile…they are getting SO BIG!1.16family-07

This kid. He is quick witted and funny. Like really funny…past the ‘kid jokes that don’t make any sense’ phase and in the actual ‘THAT WAS REALLY FUNNY’ phase.1.16family-08Everyone else was off running trails and climbing trees…1.16family-09While I am posting family pictures, I have to share one of my very favorites from Christmas dinner. Chris’ parents joined my family for Christmas dinner, what a tremendous gift it is for us to celebrate with both of our parents. I hit the jackpot in regards to the family I got to join when I married Chris. Jackpot. I should also take a moment to tell my mother-in-law (who reads this blog) that I will try really hard to remember to print her new pictures and her thank you card from the kids (that I posted on last week!) is on my kitchen counter waiting for a stamp. Yikes. Not so great daughter-in-law! Good thing I know she likes me anyway.1.16family-11Moral of this post: I accomplished family pictures, which included a few of us actually looking at the camera and smiling. I did not accomplish actually printing any of those pictures for the ones that would like them the most (Nana & Grandma). You win some, you lose some. Now off to start ordering prints before my mom or mother-in-law call me!

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