Family Pics {taken, not printed…yet}

For Christmas my mom wanted us all to get a photo together. My parents, my family and my sister’s family stopped by a nearby park with my tripod in hand. Nothing fancy, just us together was the goal. It is a bit tricky trying to get us all in a photo and looking at the camera using a tripod, but I think it worked out well.

My family

1.16family-10Before my parents arrived I thought I would attempt a shot of my crew and surprise my mom with a print of it.Β This was our best attempt. I’ve said it before…there is a reason the majority of our pictures are candid. Cue all the awkward smiles. Makes me laugh. Mom, if you want a print of this, I might need to add thought bubbles to it.

1.16family-01An attempt at a brother shot…1.16family-02And then I just told them to pose however they wanted. This is so much more them. Can you guess the boy that keeps us laughing?1.16family-03First attempt at a kid shot…1.16family-05Second attempt…1.16family-06And then a little begging from me for everyone to just stand and smile…they are getting SO BIG!1.16family-07

This kid. He is quick witted and funny. Like really funny…past the ‘kid jokes that don’t make any sense’ phase and in the actual ‘THAT WAS REALLY FUNNY’ phase.1.16family-08Everyone else was off running trails and climbing trees…1.16family-09While I am posting family pictures, I have to share one of my very favorites from Christmas dinner. Chris’ parents joined my family for Christmas dinner, what a tremendous gift it is for us to celebrate with both of our parents. I hit the jackpot in regards to the family I got to join when I married Chris. Jackpot. I should also take a moment to tell my mother-in-law (who reads this blog) that I will try really hard to remember to print her new pictures and her thank you card from the kids (that I posted on last week!) is on my kitchen counter waiting for a stamp. Yikes. Not so great daughter-in-law! Good thing I know she likes me anyway.1.16family-11Moral of this post: I accomplished family pictures, which included a few of us actually looking at the camera and smiling. I did not accomplish actually printing any of those pictures for the ones that would like them the most (Nana & Grandma). You win some, you lose some. Now off to start ordering prints before my mom or mother-in-law call me!

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  • Kristi Rediske - I love these-families are just great and it is obvious in these picture of all the love in this family.

  • Keilah - You say an “attempt” at a brother or family shot, but you got one. And I think it’s beautiful. You would probably never want them all to make the face or pose you demanded because it wouldn’t be them anyway. Looks like a successful photoshop to me!

  • byron - As ever, great stuff! I think your second attempt with the kids is the best. Just my thoughts.

  • Julie - I got the In-Law Giant Lotto Jackpot when I married 31+ years ago: just the absolute best! They are both with Jesus now and we all sure do miss them.

    The first time my parents met my in-laws (before we married) will always be a favorite memory. We all walked into their little house…and in the entry way was a big box with hundreds of silk worms chomping on mulberry leaves. There is nothing quite like that sight! (Mom B was a first gr teacher.)

    I want to be THAT mom/mom-in-law/grandma!

    I so enjoy reading about your family. Those days pass quickly!

    Blessings to you from NW Arkansas

  • Kristina - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Just found your blog and love it!

  • Diana - Those are great pictures! I love the candid ones. So many personalities shining through!

  • Debbie C - Your funny guy looks so much like his dad. πŸ˜€ Love these pics!

  • Jenny L. - Your family is so precious! Get ready because you see the face on the funny son, my son makes and has made that exact face in every picture since he was about 12. He is now 23. Yikes!

  • Kara - these are lovely. I think your family is awesome! my kiddos are professionals at what we call the “cheese/grimace.”‘ candids are also our friend, ha. also, no worries if you don’t answer this… but wondering what lens you use for a big group? my mother-in-law always wants pictures of her whole clan together and I doubt my 50mm. πŸ˜‰

  • AshleyAnn - Kara – I used my 50mm. I have a 24-70mm, but it has been dropped a few times and I don’t think it works as well as it should anymore.