photo display {my living room shelves}


One topic I am often asked about is how I pick pictures to display and what kind of prints/canvases I use. About once a year, I update the pictures on our living room shelves. Each year I tend to order one gallery wrap canvas and then a couple stand-out mounted prints and several mounted prints from

Below are examples of these three options: mounted print (single weight matboard), stand-out mount, gallery wrap canvas.1.16display-02The mounted prints are not meant to stand alone. They are meant to be framed. However, it only costs a couple dollars to mount a print, so it makes for a great option for places you want to change out the pictures often without a large expense. I know I could just frame these, but I like the look of the photos without a frame. To get my mounted prints to stand up on my shelves, I cut cardboard and tape it to the back. Not fancy or pretty on the backside, but it does the job. I display the mounted prints in places you can’t see my cardboard hack. 1.16display-04

When I am selecting which pictures to order for gallery wrap canvases, I opt for ones I know I won’t want to change out. I also stick to smaller sizes so they are easier to display in a different place down the road. In the images below, the picture of my daughter in her wings, the picture of my younger daughter grinning and our family picture in front of the trailer are all gallery wrap canvases. Family pictures work great for canvases. The other two pictures are personal favorites of my daughters.

For stand-out mounted pictures, I pick photos that I am fairly certain I will want displayed for longer than a year. They won’t buckle or bend like a regular mounted picture can with time when displayed standing up.1.16display-06As far as what I do with these after I take them down, I am still working a solution. Sometimes they get moved to a different spot in the house. Other times they are placed in a drawer. I like doing smaller canvases and stand-out mounts because they are easier to store if needed. All of my prints, canvases and stand-out mounts are from, there you go in a nutshell how I approach pictures on those shelves. If you have any questions about it, just let me know.

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  • Oceana | Barefoot Beach Blonde - I really love your photo display. It looks like Mpix offers some great products. I only wish we had a comparable service in Australia, but unfortunately there’s not the quality, but affordability, on this side of the world yet. If only Mpix shipped international! I live in hope!
    Also, love all those vintage cameras, cute!


  • Byron - As ever, innovative and artistic! I really like all the “thrift shop” cameras on the shelves too. They provide a fun, laid back context to the display.

  • Amy@AtMulberryHill - Love them all. We’re looking at doing major remodeling in a year or so and your home keeps bringing me back again and again. The spacious whiteness of it all with pops of colors and tons of things that are meaningful. I love that!

  • Debbie Tibbs - Wow that looks beautiful! Just found your blog recently and love it. Will be following along!

  • Emily - We bought this house with a massive brick (but painted white) fireplace and I’ve been brainstorming what to with it…I should see about mounting shelves into the brick and following your lead. Thanks for sharing!

  • Romy MacGibbon - I love that during this last year I still remember the moment you posted each of these pictures, specially the one of Firecracker fishing with her Dad, the one in the Camper with the ballons, the one with the boys in the mud, the bird wings and the one of the Oldest helping with the logs. Even loosing those front tooths and the one of the littlest one with the lollipop. 🙂
    I would have printed the same ones!

  • Diana - That is a great display!!

  • Nan - For long-term storage, try these flat boxes –
    They’re the best for protecting your investment.

  • melanie - Ashley, what happend to that beautiful concrete table top? Did I miss something?

    Greetings from Germany!

  • Chris - Good luck!! I will be following your trip with interest and excitement….many prayers for you along the way! I, too, am a compassion blogger and will spread the word of your trip with much excitement!
    Following you and subscribing too! You have a lovely blog and I’m so happy to “meet” you!!

  • Sarah Jane - The craziest thing about storing the pictures, though, is that they may not be stored for long! The time will fly by until your little ones are begging to take those pictures to display in their own homes. At least that’s how it worked in our family!

  • Carrie Hageman - I love how you have a picture of little one with her “first smile”. I too keep a picture of my sweet girl born in China with her first smile. Both are beautiful and I want to remember!

  • Cassidy Scott - I’ve got two boxes of old cameras and I’ve been wondering what the heck to do with them after I move and THIS IS IT. Seriously the best display idea ever. (:

  • ellen patton - I love your photos and your style!

  • Jessica - I LOVE your photo display! I’ve always admired it in your photos and I appreciate you explaining it. I think I will be ordering some of these types of photos from Mpix soon! I tried doing a similar look with frames, but all i saw was the frames and there were just so many- I hated it. Can you please share where your shelves and the tracks are from? Thanks!

  • AshleyAnn - Jessica – Thanks! The tracks are from Lowes. The shelves are just wood boards from a local mill.