Pappy’s gift {handmade nutcracker}

Thank you for all your encouraging emails yesterday regarding my SnapShop announcement!  I am excited to see what may come from the new site and growing as a photographer alongside many of you. Thank you!


How is this for a “Before & After”?

nutcracker-1I taught myself to use a lathe and make my very first nutcracker last month. First, I sketched out my design on paper and then began the process of figuring out how to make it.

Oh wait. That was my dad, not me.

Backstory: My 6 year old daughter REALLY wanted a nutcracker for Christmas. She would beg me to buy one every time we visited a store that carried them. I encouraged her to wait. Knowing my daughter, I also knew the nutcracker would be so special to her. I was hoping to convince one of the handy men in my family to make one for her. Well, my dad can make anything out of any material. He jumped on the chance and before I knew it, he was making four nutcrackers. Each of his granddaughters were getting a priceless gift for Christmas.

Throughout the process, he sent me pictures of what he was doing….seriously, between my dad and mom there is nothing they cannot do.

Once blocks of wood, then my dad got a hold of them…

nutcracker-2nutcracker-4He made each one slightly different. He also picked colors and sparkly features specific to the likes of each girl. I love that.nutcracker-6He didn’t send me process pics of the final steps – it was a surprise for me too. I am going to make small photo books with the process pictures for each girl. I think the books will be fun to store with the nutcrackers…telling their story for years to come.

Needless to say, there were some very happy girls this Christmas.

nutcracker-7This little girl has snuggled with her nutcracker almost every night. She also dances around the house with him.nutcracker-8The nutcracker movie on tv in the background as she danced away Christmas night.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Thank you, dad. They are far better than I imagined!

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  • Claire - They look fantastic and much bigger than I thought originally. You can tell they were each made with love and like how each is slightly different 🙂

  • Jenn - these are incredible. what a special, special gift

  • Amy@AtMulberryHill - Such a treasure! He did a wonderful job. Love the pic of her dancing with her nutcracker. 🙂

  • Carrie - What a precious gift! 🙂 Also, is it just me, or do the ones with white hair kinda look like him (their grandpa)? Seriously cool.

  • Debbie C - I am speechless. These are stunning! And higher quality that what can be purchased from the store. I love the idea of documenting the process for each one! So, so impressed. Your dad is amazing.

  • Shawna - Just wondering where you got your wall mounted mug holder from? Thank you.

  • Jillian - Wow, those are really wonderful! What an amazing gift!

  • Byron - That’s just…wow, amazing! I am officially flabbergasted…! Congrats to the girls too; what wonderful gifts!

  • Elke Dunaiski - I’ve been waiting for this post since I first saw the photo on Instagram. So incredibly special and beautiful!

  • Anniken - They look fantastic. What a special gift… Your dad is awesomme.

  • Emily - Those are amazing! I am completely inspired to learn woodworking now (not like I wasn’t before… 😉 ) Thank you for sharing!

  • Lynn - I can’t get over the details your Dad put into the Nutcracker’s. They are wonderful and made for four happy granddaughters!!

  • Gina M - Wow… I am in awe. Those are beautiful and that their grandfather made them with love for each one. Perfect!

  • Amy Arroyo - Those are AMAZING. Your dad is AMAZING!

  • Debbie - Looks like your dad has found his calling. They are beautiful!!!

  • Kim B. - Wow– I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, as you’ve shown before what your dad can do, but those nutcrackers are AMAZING. What a beautiful heirloom gift for each of his grandddaughters. Wonderful.

  • Dena - What a beautiful gift for each beautiful girl!

  • RachelC - What a treasure! Such love begin gifted right there. Bob, is there anything you cannot do? Anything? I am convinced between you, your dad, your mom and your sister, you could literally rule the world. It would be a beautiful world, with yummy food, beautiful surroundings, lots of comedy and world peace. I’d definitely live there. 🙂 The “original” Corbetts keep knocking it out of the park!

  • Tanya - I’m so glad you posted those pics — I just could NOT wrap my head around how those were made!!BTW — Your dad is awesome and I wish he was my dad. My daughter and I buy a new nutcracker each year — they are a big part of our Christmas decorations.

  • Laura - (New reader) What a delightful gift idea! I think if I send this link to my father-in-law, he might be able to put something together in the year until next Christmas!