SnapShop {a big announcement}

Well, if you have been around this blog for a while, you know Chris and I like to change things up!  Nearly 3 years ago, Chris stepped away from a job he loved. As he transitioned into a new career, I went from teaching SnapShops a handful of times a year to teaching them about every 6 weeks. It has been a crazy few years. In 2015, we could see another shift on the horizon. I was ready to begin teaching less and his work schedule became increasingly demanding. Last summer he could see in me that I was simply done. It was too much. He encouraged me to step away from SnapShops, but I couldn’t imagine just walking away from it.

After so many years of teaching SnapShops, I’ve added, tweaked, changed, edited the content – so much of me poured into those courses. I couldn’t just walk away. We began brainstorming new options for the content. Some friends suggested eBooks or even hardback books, but those felt so final to me. I truly love teaching photography and coming alongside others in their journey. I wanted the ability to continue to teach, but without the daily demands involved in SnapShops.

And so we came up with something new to try….and I am so excited!

header-01Today, I am launching SnapShop – an online, subscription based website. SnapShop has all of my DSLR course content, my Phone course content, and additional lessons.  There will also be new lessons added each month on a range of topics.  My biggest request from past students has been for longer access to the content. This site will provide unlimited access for members, but also new content added monthly (giving me the opportunity to continue teaching!).

You can find out more details on how the new format works, pricing, what is included, etc. on the FAQ page of the SnapShop site.
To celebrate the opening of this new site, use the code  SSpromo35 for a $15.00 discount on your registration!
This code expires on January 15, 2016.
Past SnapShop students: be sure to check your email. Yesterday, you should have received an email from me with a discount code just for you! If you did not get an email, please email us at info @ ashleyannphotography (dot) com – include the month/year that you took a SnapShop course.

SnapShop Online Photography School exists to help others gain the tools they need to be able to capture the beauty if their days through photography. Whether you recently purchased your very first DSLR and aren't even sure how to turn it on or if you have a little bit of a grasp on terms like aperture and shutter speed - SnapShop courses and lessons will propel you forward on your photography journey.

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