Wrap It {blog hop}


I am excited to participate in a little blog hop with a few inspiring women. I really am the odd man out in this blog hop, but I’m not going to complain. Participating is Amanda Rydell of Be Crafty Workshops, Liz Kartchner of Dear Lizzy, Maggie Holmes of Maggie Holmes Design, and Shop Sweet Lulu (my favorite party supplies). Then there is me…the one that likes to use all the things those creative ladies design.

Today we are each sharing a few gift wrap designs. Since I don’t have my own product line (though that would be so cool if I did), I used all the random craft goodies I tend to hoard. I also had a few helpers.

12.15giftwrap-0212.15giftwrap-0312.15giftwrap-0512.15giftwrap-06The fox gift wrap is by Gingiber.12.15giftwrap-0712.15giftwrap-0912.15giftwrap-1112.15giftwrap-12I often wonder what the setting is like when others post product/craft pictures. In case you are like me…here is what my setting looked like…total mess all over the table and two little girls providing plenty of interruptions and help.12.15giftwrap-13You will want to check out the other blogs for some truly inspiring and fun gift wrap ideas. Here are the links:

Maggie Holmes Design

Shop Sweet Lulu

Be Crafty Workshops

Dear Lizzy



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  • Aimee - The links are messed up, I think? Two of them go to the same place and the last one doesn’t work? It would be great if they went to the exact blog post for wrapping ideas instead of the main blog page?

    Love your ideas…I have been using letters lately too…sometimes spray painting chipboard letters gold.

  • Shira - Exactly what Aimee said – hoping to find some of the materials that you used. Specifically, where is that black and white striped ribbon (or fabric that you used as ribbon, tied along with the sprig of greenery)?? I’d really love to find/buy that…

  • Byron - As a guy, I’d like to think that this post validates my use of newspapers to wrap Christmas gifts as “artistic” (but it probably doesn’t)! Great stuff!

  • AshleyAnn - Byron – newspaper is totally artistic!

  • AshleyAnn - Aimee – I got the links working now. Thanks for letting me know on that. Not all the posts are live, but once they are I will update the bottom links to go to the direct Wrap It posts! Spray painting chipboard letters is a great idea, I’m going to be using that one!

  • AshleyAnn - Shira – that fabric is actually some we used at the Mother + Daughter Be Crafty…it was for headbands. Amanda bought it, so I am not sure where it is from. It is a knit fabric.

  • Jeanne - Lovely wrapping. Your “wrapping staff” did a fabulous job!

  • Carrie - It is fun to see someone was excited about wrapping as me!

  • Shira - Thank you for the response!!! *Really* appreciate it, and makes your blog come that much more to life for me (that there’s really a person on the other end, though your writing does evidence that well already :)) I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled for something similar.

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  • Ashley - LOVE the behind the scenes shot! 🙂

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