the sound of brothers


ISO 500, 1/60, f/1.8

During the day a hundred things are happening at once in our home. There is always more than one person talking and the only ‘stillness’ in the house was the paint color on the kitchen walls. “Was” because I repainted. So now, there is no stillness in our home, at least during daylight hours.

Then, the sun sets.

The girls fall asleep.

And my guys…they head up to their loft, leave the light on for a bit and laugh.

Some of my very favorite sounds fall down from that little hole in their ceiling.

Their sisters are already talking about when the guys move out and the girls get the loft. I, on the other hand, will be doing my best to walk slowly past their room at night just to soak in the sound of brothers.

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  • Kate B. - This image stopped me in my tracks. And then I read your words…so beautiful as always, Mama. I just want to say thank you for your wonderful posts, which I read every morning with a cup of coffee in hand.

  • Dawn - Love!

  • erin - I love this post! My favorite part of having my boys share a room is listening to them talk and laugh before bed and first thing in the morning. Even if half of what they say involves the word “butt.”

  • Amy - Love it! Love this at our house too. Wonderful!!!

  • Amy@AtMulberryHill - Hi Ashley,
    I have been reading your blog for many months (years?) and don’t remember leaving you a comment before. We have much in common – a love for photography, a deep family connection with those we love, homeschooling, creative juices, and more. I appreciate your space here and all that you share.
    I just had to pop in to say today that your photo is breathtaking and symbolizes so much. I have six boys of my own – one is 22, one 16, and the other four are between 3 and 10. (Seven girls mixed in that bunch, as well. 🙂 Having four boys near the end of the line has revolutionized our formerly calm(er) household. I love all that your boys share and how you treasure that. Boys are so special.

  • Southern Gal - Sweet post.

  • Amy L. - Your photography is poetry for the eyes. I never get tired of it. 🙂

  • Byron - “Some of my very sounds fall down from that little hole in their ceiling.” –I think you meant “Some of my very FAVORITE sounds…”

    Wonderful image and post, as ever. God bless!

  • Miss yus - Hi! I love to read your posts and lovely photos. And your page is incredibly colorful and beautiful, i just love it! Been following for years now.

  • Rae - That pic, Ashley!! <333 And those words 🙂

  • Maureen - You took my breath away… again

  • Meg - My boys share a room too and I love their late night pillow talk. 🙂
    Incredible photo!

  • Jenny B. - Ashley, you are so great at taking joy in the little things that some might overlook or find irritating. It depends on the night here whether I smile or sigh at all the noise coming from our boys’ room. You remind me that it’s better to smile. 🙂

  • Amy - I love how you said you will “walk slowly past their room.” I blinked and my son, my first baby turned 10. My daughter the one who completed our family is now 6 1/2. I love hearing them talking to each other. And I pray they will stay friends.