extravagant thoughtfulness

I’ve posted on this topic before…thoughtfulness.

It is one of those traits that is just so incredibly inspiring to me. I am always taken aback by genuine acts of thoughtfulness. It probably astounds me so much because what is so natural for others is just not natural for me.

I think of others often. I don’t always act on those thoughts.

I might think, “oh this _____ reminds me of ______” and I’ll smile thinking of that friend. Rarely does is that thought followed by actually doing anything.

Thoughtful people challenge me. They inspire me. They make me want to be like them.

I’ve learned a lot from my thoughtful friends. One of the biggest things is that the simplest gesture can mean so much to someone.

Pencils and candy corn. Simple.

Both of these recently arrived in my mailbox from two different friends. Friends that know me. One friend who saw pencils in ‘Ashley’s colors’ and another friend who remembered my favorite candy only appears once a year. Friends, who thought of me and let me know.


Another box arrived filled with little details and little notes. A friend, who was visiting other countries, thought of me. I’m so selfish. When I visit other countries, I do not think about picking up little gifts to let my friends know I thought of them. I don’t even bring my kids back little gifts!

Washi tape from Japan…with notes just to me.10.3thoughtful-0110.3thoughtful-02I recognize that I quite possibly am friends with the most thoughtful women on the planet. As much as their surprise gifts brighten my day, the true gift is that they let me know they were thinking of me. It is easy to feel alone as a mom some days. Loneliness robs many a mom from joys during the mothering seasons. By letting me know that they were thinking of me, my friends reminded me that I am not alone. Their friendships and encouragement are the true gifts.

A package of pencils. A bag of candy corn. Some tape and tea. These are not extravagant gifts, but they represent extravagant thoughtfulness. It really doesn’t take much to encourage someone else, to let them know they are not alone, and to make a difference in their day.

I’m sure so many of you have been encouraged by the thoughtfulness of others (and maybe you are one of those thoughtful friends). I would love to hear simple, easy ways others have showed thoughtfulness to you or how you have shown it to others. I’m taking your ideas, I’m learning from you, and I’m working to be that kind of friend…I want to be the friend that has a way of my making others know they are not alone.


Also…today is my sister’s birthday. My nephew is due to arrive at any moment. ANY MOMENT. Hurry up little dude, we can’t wait to meet you.

Happy Birthday Lesley! You are the best present mom and dad ever gave me!sisters

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