on being a hummingbird

I shared my updated chalkboard on Instagram this week, but goodness…I’m a blogger at heart. I wanted to share it here with more of the story.

I sent my sister a text last week asking her to sketch out “I want to be a hummingbird in a world of buzzards.” I thought just maybe if she sketched it, I could attempt to copy it on my chalkboard.

Well, being the ever-thoughtful sister I am, I asked my VERY pregnant sister to come watch my 5 kids for a few hours.

I did ask, but I also told my kids they were supposed to babysit their 3 year old niece and tell Aunt Lesley to lay on the couch and read magazines. Instead of laying on the couch, she surprised me when I got home…


In my original text, I explained to Lesley the words were from my notes from church. An illustration was shared about how a buzzard spends all day looking and finding dead things. A hummingbird spends all day looking and finding sweet things. Both exist everyday. What is found depends on what is sought. What you find is a matter of what you are looking for…

“Whoever diligently seeks good finds favor, but evil comes to him who searches for it.” Proverbs 11:27

9.15hummingbird-02Our house is full and active and there are lots of emotions going on all the time. With 7 people sharing a space, there are our fair share of arguments and looking for dead things instead of sweet things. After hearing this illustration, I sat the kids down and we talked about it. We talked about what that looks like practically in our family, in our home.

Now, it is written in the living room. A reminder that we want to be hummingbirds. We want to train our eyes to search after and find the sweet things in life. I figure the chalkboard won’t make sense to others when they visit, which provides a great opportunity for the kids (and me) to explain it.9.15hummingbird-03

Today, we are going to be hummingbirds.


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