Explore CO {Gunnison}

I’m trying to break these travel posts up a bit…I want them recorded here, so hang with me for a couple more! Our main adventure in Colorado was to visit Chris’ sister and her family. Our trip fell right between my nephews’ birthdays. Celebrating with the boys made the trip extra special. Gunnison is just south of Crested Butte (where our extended family lives). We spent a couple days around town for birthday celebrations.

While in Gunnison we walked a short trail to the river. The trail was about a 1.5 miles to the river. It looped for a longer distance, but we just stuck with the short distance. The multi-use trail we went on was located in the Van Tuyl Ranch. Click here to view a trail map guide, we used the east side of the trail marked in blue around the Van Tuyl Ranch. It was very easy walk…perfect for little ones that wanted to run far ahead.8.15gunnison-018.15gunnison-028.15gunnison-03I forgot her applesauce to mash that bar in…she was not thrilled with me, but she sure looked cute. She passed her bar along to her brother.8.15gunnison-048.15gunnison-05The boys were far off in the distance. I didn’t feel like running after them with my camera!8.15gunnison-06While in Gunnison we also spent time at the rec center (for a birthday party). Visitors can pay a drop in fee for a day and have use of the whole facility…pool, climbing wall, gym, games, etc. I think the price is $5.00 for kids (for all day). Of course, I’d rather be outside, but this ended up being a big highlight of the week for my kids.8.15gunnison-078.15gunnison-09We also celebrated my nephew’s birthday at a local Niky’s mini Donuts & Dogs shop. The mini donuts are made to order…so many topping options.8.15gunnison-10My favorite donuts were the plain, too much sugar doesn’t appeal to me. My kids felt the opposite.8.15gunnison-128.15gunnison-14There is so much more to do in Gunnison, but those are some of the highlights for us. It is directly on the way to Crested Butte. There is also a great playground right off the main road (Jorgensen Park). If you have stir crazy kids that need to get out for a bit while you are traveling, that park could be a lifesaver!


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  • Jenn - fun times
    can’t wait to take our kids to co one day
    we have a donut food truck that is very popular here called big foot little donut. i haven’t had them yet but they are made to order i think and tiny

  • Mary - Your legs are amazing! Wow! I just had to say it. You’re in great shape! *sigh* I’ll get there one day (or back there I should say)

  • Laura J - I thought you were going to have to do the Mama-bird thing for Little One! Looks like a nice hike. Thank you for sharing your travel adventures.

  • Farah - I love your travel posts (actually, I love all of your posts). Thank you so much for taking the time to write them! I have followed your blog for several years, but I have never commented. I need to get better about that! I cannot believe how much your children have grown. Your family is such a joy to follow. You have also inspired me to plan a road trip out West. I live outside of Atlanta, so not exactly close by, but it WILL happen one of these days 🙂

  • Cindy - I love reading your travel posts! We made a similar trip this summer! Started off easy tent camping at the KOA in Gunnison then roughed it a little more and camped at Lake Irwin near Crested Butte…so beautiful!! We made a stop at Niky’s Donuts too but my favorite was Third Bowl homemade ice cream in Crested Butte. We were in town over the 4th of July and got to watch the parade in Crested Butte and fireworks from Jorgensen Park. We got a couple new stamps in our national parks passport while we were there too…the Curecanti Recreation Area and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. There is a beautiful trail at the end of the south rim of the Black Canyon…we walked out in beautiful clear skies with awesome views and then on the hike back, the clouds were rolling in and we were literally walking in the clouds…amazing experience! I got a blanket personalized with our last name from Lands End and over the past few years have picked up patches from the places we visit on our travels. I sew each patch to the blanket when we return and its become a fun record of our journey…the kids love looking at the places we’ve been & the remembering the fun adventures we’ve had! Hoping to do Yellowstone soon!!

  • Charity G. - So many coold things to do. I love your last comment about the park. Finding them along the way makes traveling with my boys so much easier. Every year we travel from California to Texas and when we go through Santa Rosa, NM there is a park we always pause at and let them play. It brings a little more sanity for all of us, and it has some pretty awesome older toys (merry go round, metal slide, etc.) that make it even more fun because it’s the only park where they get those type of playground experiences.