splash pad {photo settings}

It is so hot here…heat index running near 105 the last several days. Some cringe at the thought of intense heat. I cringe at the thought of intense cold temps. I can handle the heat, just get me near water. I’ll take heat & sprinklers over snow and layers any day. To beat the heat, we took an afternoon break to the splash pad. While my older kids ran wild having water fights, my youngest cautiously explored. Her caution was a bit funny considering her extreme lack of caution in swimming pools these days.

85mm, ISO 100, 1/1250, f/2

7.15splashpad-0185mm, ISO 100, 1/2000, f/27.15splashpad-0285mm, ISO 100, 1/3200, f/27.15splashpad-0385mm, ISO 100, 1/2000, f/27.15splashpad-04A certain big brother dumped water on her head…she did not appreciate his attempt at humor. Daddy to the rescue.

85mm, ISO 100, 1/160, f/2.57.15splashpad-0585mm, ISO 100, 1/1600, f/2.57.15splashpad-0685mm, ISO 100, 1/1600, f/2.57.15splashpad-07On a sidenote, I have a business idea for someone. Please create stickers that look like band-aids. Many kids go through the ‘band-aid phase’ – where they need a band-aid for the tiniest scratch. Band-aids get expensive…band-aid stickers would be a great product. Maybe they already exist. I’m off to google it…

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  • Cathy - My daughter is starting to love band aids now too. We find oval shaped stickers and she uses them as bandaids! She loves to wrap them around her fingers or ours 🙂

  • Caroline Kelley - Do you have a dollar terror dollar store nearby? I think I got 100 for a dollar when I was making a “doll hospital” http://babyccinokids.com/blog/2014/11/21/the-little-things-a-doll-hospital/

  • Sarah - These pictures are great! Can I ask where you got little one’s adorable swimsuit?

  • Amy - Oh gosh, we have the band aid problem too. And when one kid asks for a band aid, the ALL ask for one!

  • Jay - A better question than “settings” on a few of those is how you nailed the focus – particularly in the second from last picture. Tips/tricks?

  • Aimee - This may not be exactly what you were looking for, but they’re cheap! http://www.orientaltrading.com/bandage-roll-of-stickers-a2-13596795.fltr?prodCatId=551504

  • AshleyAnn - Sarah – it is a few years old (hand me down). I got it at Baby Gap when her big sister was her age

  • Jenn - our church had some stickers that looked just like bandaids for a first aid kit project that they were doing. I am sure they are out there. oriental tradings don’t look read enough. great splash pad pictures

  • AshleyAnn - Jay – I use ‘back button focusing’. Most cameras you use the same button to focus as you do to take a picture (shutter release button). Back button focusing means I use a different button (on the back of my camera) to focus and then the shutter release to take the photo. By using two different buttons, I am able to lock focus and not worry about the focus jumping around when I try to take the shot. Many cameras now have buttons designated for this. On my 6D it is the button that says “AF-On”. Older cameras have options in the Menu area to set it up. If you google your camera model and “back button focus”, you will probably find a tutorial for how to use it on your camera.

  • Kathie M. - I would love to design fun bandaid stickers! I am sure they probably exist but we are getting into that phase too! 😀

  • Jay - AshleyAnn. I too have a 6d and I too use the back button focus. I guess I just need a lot more practice!! (that said, my back button focus seems to act funny quite often – not locking focus as it should. I should look into that.)

  • Maria - I love how your youngest, the older she gets, the more she looks like you.

  • Julie - That is my favorite splash park. The hill is perfect for being in the shade and the grass on our big favorite blanket.

  • Gilly @ Colour Saturated Life - Haha! That bandaid thing lasts forever! My daughter is nine and alwasy wants a bandaid….she is under the impression that if you put them on for a few minutes they will instantly heal you and then you can take them off! Kids!

  • Laree @ Ever Heard Of Euless - I’m a little behind on my blog reading, but thought I’d jump in here for just a moment. I taught my kids that bandaids are only for blood. If you aren’t bleeding, you get an ace bandage. (my 5 year old calls it a “cast”). We wrap every bump and bruise and imaginary owie in those giant bandages. I love that we’ve been using the same ones for 6 years now, and they are quick and easy to throw in the wash as needed.

    Plus, you get some awesome pictures when their entire head is wrapped up like a turban. or a mummy!

  • Erin Cutts - Not really a cheap alternative to bandaids but have you seen this brand? http://www.trucolourbandages.com Bandage equality is their thing and they have bandaids for every skin color!! While right now my son loves character bandaids, the day will come when he just wants them to match his skin color. Thought you might enjoy too!