Be Crafty {Friday Harbor}

A barn in the middle of San Juan island…at least I think it was in the middle. I got a little turned around driving around, so we’ll go with middle. It was the just the right location on a stunning island with gorgeous weather for a Be Crafty Workshop.

My friend Amanda has been hosting crafting workshops for several years. My sister often helps her. A while back we tossed around the idea of doing one in Friday Harbor together with our friend Sara Parsons. It was such a treat to step away from normal life for a bit and be surrounded by those girls.

A rustic barn. Simple and lovely decorations. Crafting. Photography. Old & New friends. My sister. It was so very good.

BeCrafty2-01BeCrafty2-02BeCrafty2-04I taught a couple phone photography tips (a few from my SnapShop online photography courses), led a photo related craft and was able to give away a photobook from flowers were from Sara’s house…BeCrafty2-06The balloons are from Shop Sweet Lulu.BeCrafty2-08So many great shops and businesses sponsored the event through giveaways and swag for the ladies attending.BeCrafty2-10BeCrafty2-12BeCrafty2-13BeCrafty2-14BeCrafty2-16BeCrafty2-17BeCrafty2-18BeCrafty2-19BeCrafty2-20BeCrafty2-21BeCrafty2-22BeCrafty2-23BeCrafty2-24BeCrafty2-26BeCrafty2-27I left the island feeling so refreshed. Refreshed by new and old friends. Encouraged by the ladies that attended. Inspired by the beauty of the island, the hospitality of the Parsons, the conversations with friends and the crafty setting. Thank you to those that came, those that helped, and my sweet friends that hosted. My cup overflows.

Sara Parsons (and her daughter Stella) captured these next two shots…I am so thankful for these girls and this time with my sister!


Be Crafty Friday Harbor Sponsors:

Shop Sweet Lulu || The Mason Bar Company || Modern June || Maggie Holmes Design || The Felt Flower Shop || Splendid Supply || Sakura || Behr Paint || Mpix || Pen and Paint || Julep || Give With Joy || Ike and Co || Fresh Tangerine || Rebekah Gough || Shop Celebrate Life || Kelly Moore || Sugar Blossom || Bloom Theory || Paisley Sprouts || Catch Swan Dreams

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  • Kim - Gosh the setting is gorgeous! Love this idea of getting crafty with friends. Wish we had something like this in Toronto!

  • Karyn - Wow wow wow! I would LOVE to go to an event like this! What a blessed group of ladies. πŸ™‚

  • Debbie - Beautiful decor and lovely flowers. Looks like an awesome place to be. Thanks for sharing.

  • sherry - Those last two pictures with the balloons turned out so great! Stella is already a pro. Such a great weekend. Still seems a little like a dream.

  • Kimber Campbell - what a fun trip! Love that you and Lesley got to do this together. You two compliment each other so well. πŸ™‚

  • Jenn - looks like a beautifully relaxing weekend

  • Bethany - The crazy thing is that everything was actually as beautiful as it looks in your pictures! Such a wonderful time…thank you for sharing your gifts and your time with us!

  • Deanna - I would so live to attend one if these!Lovely…

  • Robin - eeekk! the CHAIRS! be still my heart.

  • maryann howell - love this blog! Fun!

  • Denise L. - Thank you, Ashley, for this awesome post. I am so inspired and the images have been in my head all day. I shared your post with two friends and still am all dreamy about it all!

  • Amy - Oh, what a gift you have of wonderful friends and adventures! πŸ™‚ I wish I could attend a Be Crafty Workshop!

  • carrie - This is a random, DIY question…but how did you make the white paper bunting? I LOVE the way it looked in the barn – I’m helping with an engagement party at a park and this it would look great between the trees (this came to mind when I saw a picture of the space). I’ve made so much fabric bunting using bias tape along the top, but I can’t tell what you attached the paper to. I’m assuming you sewed it together (lol – I went back to your post when you talked about making it to see if you gave any detail and you were talking about sewing it with your daughter!), but did you attach it to ribbon, or…? Thanks for this inspirational post – that barn looks AMAZINGLY beautiful!!! πŸ™‚

  • AshleyAnn - Carrie – It is just thread. I cut the paper flags and then sewed them together…no ribbon or tape, just pulled the thread about 6 inches between each flag

  • Carrie - Of course it is! You are so sensible and logical! This will make it so much easier – thank you!!