Our Year In the Garden {Global Gardens}

Two weeks ago (or something close to that) I posted about our garden and a few books we are using in the gardening process. One book several of you asked about was the Our Year in the Garden journal. At the time, there really wasn’t a way for me to share more in regards to how you could order one. The journal is produced by the non-profit Global Gardens. Global Gardens is ‘dedicated to empowering students and communities through hands on science education.”

There are 4 Global Garden sites in the Tulsa area. Chris and I visited one a few years ago. It was incredible. Students create and plant gardens (and now some include bees & chickens) – in the process they are learning about science, community, health and the environment. I am not sure how I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the journals, but I somehow I did. The journal is BIG – there are so many activities included. We have one journal and have been working through it as a family. I’m pretty excited to have this documentation of our garden and the process this year.

Global Gardens now has a pre-order option for journals available in June – so for all of you that were asking…you can click here to pre-order one! All the proceeds go towards the mission of Global Gardens and towards providing journals for kids in their after school programs.

We are skipping around the journal based on which kid I have working on a certain page. I knew my 8 year old would be perfect for the task of creating a garden sign.

4.15GardenSign-1I found a piece of scrap wood that was once in my grandpa’s garage – the grandpa that was a master gardener. It seemed like a good fit. My son began sketching out his design.4.15GardenSign-34.15GardenSign-4After he drew all the details, it was time to paint. Originally, my plan was for him to make the sign completely on his own. He really didn’t want the task of painting, so I agreed to help him on that part. He sat next to me and chose every color and detail. It was really fun to get to make it with him instead of just watching him – it is something we will both remember doing together.4.15GardenSign-54.15GardenSign-84.15GardenSign-10It is pretty much the best garden sign I have ever seen. His creativity in designing the letters blows me away. The Campbell Garden has never looked so good ~ now just to get stuff growing!


***If you are interested in pre-ordering a journal (available in June), click here. I was not asked to promote the journal here – I’m just really excited about it and am confident other parents would enjoy using it with their kids too!

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  • Kirsten - ADORABLE sign!! I LOVE it!

  • Erika - That is a very cool sign! Love the creativity!

  • Dawn Ritchie - That really is the best garden sign ever! Such a great job!

  • Natalie - Get the best waterproof sealer money can buy on that thing. It is amazing!

  • Kelley - First of all- so cool that y’all created together!! Secondly, wow!! Holy camoli! It is awesome!! Your son is so talented and creative!! I love each of his letters and his color choices!! Cannot wait to see more of what he creates over the years.

  • Beth - Add me to the list of admirers of the sign…and the process! Good job Momma!

  • Michelle - wow he is crazy talented! I wish I can be that creative πŸ™‚ the sign is awesome. And thank you for the heads up on the gardening journal. I really want one too!

  • Kimberly - That garden sign floored me! I absolutely love it! He should open an Etsy shop!!

  • Renata - This sign really is the best garden sign ever. Good job, sir. πŸ™‚

  • ~abi~ - what an amazing sign!! so impressive! πŸ™‚

  • AshleyAnn - Thank you for your kind comments…I am letting him read them, you guys are encouraging him so much. Thank you!

  • Kimberly - What an awesome sign! Very impressive!

  • Carol - Do you think he would make a sign for his Pappy’s strawberry garden? Just amazing creativity a!!

  • Susan - Wow! #2 has some awesome art skills! The naturalist in him is also artistic in thought which is fantastic! That is a beautiful sign that will be a beautiful memory for the two of you!
    Grow, Campbell Garden, grow!

  • Carrie - Great sign!! Good job both of you! So cool. πŸ™‚

  • michele - This sign is outrageously creative. The more I see it the more I appreciate the details. Wouldn’t this lettering make a cool font? Great collaboration!

  • Lisa - What an incredible little artist!! That sign is epic!! He should design a garden font and sell it, seriously. I’m sure Lesley is super proud of his lettering skills!! And you are so inspirational the way you encourage each child in their talent and interests. Love it!!

  • Heather - wow!! That is gorgeous!

  • Emily Marie - I loved every part of this story! Very nice job!

  • MC - That is an amazing sign!!!

  • Lynn - Every time I look at the sign I find new details your son added to the letters!! What a great sign and a treasure for the entire family for years and years to come!! Great job!!

  • Angela - Holy smokes….that sign!!! LOVE.

  • Margo - Oh my goodness….love the sign! How very creative!

  • Diana - You are right, that is the best garden sign I’ve ever seen!!

  • Bethany - That is the best garden sign ever! Very creative…and it just plain looks GOOD! Thanks for the example of how to encourage your children in their unique gifts and talents!

  • Juli - I LOVE that sign! Ashley, how man acres do y’all have? How big is your garden? We were planning ours this but might move out of state. Just curious for planning purposes…

  • Sara - That is the cutest sign I’ve ever seen! You and your son did a fantastic job on it!

  • Haley - i LOVE the sign! Great job!

  • jenn - It is just perfect. I love every bit of it. So creative

  • Ellen - That sign is adorable! He did a great job designing it! The two of you could go into business making custom garden signs; I’d pay good money for one like it with my name on it. Haha! πŸ™‚

  • stephanie - Will be he be taking custom orders? no, really….i need one! His work is amazing!!!

  • Nicole L. - Oh my goodness! What a creative design! I love all the detail and how everything is garden related. I think the person is my favorite. I wish he could make one for me!

  • Debbie C - I love the sign for the artistry, but also for the history of the wood. So perfect for your garden!

  • Breana Parker - Nice job, man!! It’s so creative — I was especially impressed when I realized the”M” was a spider! (I’m pretty sure?) You’ve done well!

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  • Jolene - This is so neat! Fun memories!

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  • Shannon Fox - That truly is the best garden sign I have ever seen. It’s so whimsical and fun and perfectly imperfect!

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