girls’ room gallery wall

All I want for Christmas is an entire day alone in my house to finish projects. I could accomplish in a day without kids what takes a year to accomplish with kids. I’ve been trying to tackle one small project a week. However, reality is it has taken three weeks for me to actually tackle one project. My most recent small project was to paint three black frames white and add some art to the girls’ room.  Three weeks to get three frames painted. I could probably remodel my whole kitchen in a day without kids – hint, hint grandmas.

Here is the new (and old) art hanging in the girls room.


A couple of the prints have a singing/song theme. My youngest daughter’s middle name is Song. We often say life is a musical with my oldest daughter – she is always singing. It is a good fit for both girls. I know someone will ask where the prints are from so here are the sources (left to right, top to bottom): Fill My Heart with Song (a handmade gift from my friend Amy), Let Your Light Shine, Be Kind, You Put A Song in My Heart (by Megan for the Incubator Project), Far Better Things Ahead, He Sings Over Me, Girl band original painting, Do You Suppose She’s A Wildflower, Sweet as Honey

The watercolor painting of the girls was a surprise gift from my friend Ruth. I had posted an image on Instagram of the girls playing guitars. A little while later I was scanning instagram and an image of a painting of my girls popped up. It was such a fun surprise! Ruth mailed me the painting and I’ve been itching to finally get it hung in the girls’ room. I hung it low because the girls like to look at it and re-enact the moment.12.14gallerywall-03In adding the new frames, I had a couple spacing issues. The frames are not all perfectly spaced. We like wonky around here – that is what I tell myself anyway. There was one part that had a pretty big gap, so I decided to add something to the top of the frame – to make my bad spacing look more intentional. I grabbed a piece of thin balsa wood and hot glued random stuff I found in a craft jar (ribbon, birds, old flowers). At first I sat all those objects on the frame and they wouldn’t sit flat. Gluing it all to balsa wood provided a flat base. It also means when the the girls knock it off, it is super easy to set back on the frame. I wanted to add our peg people family dolls, but a few family members are missing….off to find those.12.14gallerywall-0512.14gallerywall-0712.14gallerywall-0812.14gallerywall-09I am so jealous of her swoopy bangs and lack of cowlick.12.14gallerywall-11And then there is this cowlick. Bangs will never be in her future.12.14gallerywall-12“Girls, can I take a picture of you hugging?”12.14gallerywall-1312.14gallerywall-14Sisters are the best.

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