diy {felt ball garland}

Obviously, we are in Christmas mode around here. My sister has a new print that says, “Makers gonna make, make, make, make”. Thanks to Lesley and Taylor Swift I’m repeating that line over and over these days.

Last week a package from Benzie Design arrived. She sent me some felt for a craft night I am hosting next week. She also sent me some felt balls to make a garland. I was looking forward to sitting quietly and stringing my garland. Then, my oldest daughter saw me and quickly came over to take charge. She sat stringing felt balls a little at a time for a couple of days. For now, our garland has the felt balls close together. I think we’ll space them out later.


This is super simple….just string the felt balls. My daughter is 5 and uses a regular needle. I know that will worry some, but she can probably handle a needle better than most adults.



Happy little garland. Happy video game playing boys.

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  • Michelle Hill - such a pretty and easy garland to make.
    You posted an instagram picture of Firecracker helping you with this very garland. Then I remembered how you have been teaching her how to sew on the machine as well, and so I became motivated and inspired. This weekend, I told my 9 year old niece it was time she learned how to sew on the machine and I don’t think I ever saw her so happy and delighted πŸ™‚
    It was awesome!

  • Bambi - That’s beautiful! What a great idea!

    Love from bella Italia,


  • Cara - This is a lovely project! What is the length of the garland? 8 feet? Approximately how many pompoms did you use? I visited the Etsy store and I am trying to guess how many I need for our Christmas tree! Thank you.

  • christina larsen - Ashley, how do you get the felt balls to stay in place if you space them apart? Do they just stay in place due to the embroidery thread’s thickness? Just curious. Thanks.

  • Krystle - β€œMakers gonna make, make, make, make”
    –> Yeah, I’m going to need a link to that please! πŸ™‚

  • Angela {The Mango Memoirs} - I love this project! I’ve been thinking about ordering felt balls and doing this with my daughter. She’s five, too, and loves to sew. She’s been working on buttons recently. This garland would be adorable in her room! Thank you!

  • alix - Yes please share how many. I am guessing the 200 pack. Also what is your other garland made of.
    Last question. Do you have a tutorial on your pom pom blanket on for your couch. I am making one. Did you sew or glue it. Please say glue- if so what kind

  • Amy - What an awesome project! Its absolutely adorable and I love that even your kids can do it. πŸ™‚ Might have to make a few of these for our house now. πŸ™‚

  • Seamingly Sarah - My 3 year old loves to sew with real needles! She’s actually pretty good at it. So no worries here. πŸ™‚

  • Angela Storm - I know you said you’ll space them out, but I’m kind of digging them all close together. Between that and the colors, it stands out against your chalkboard and the white yarn garland. πŸ™‚

  • Angela - I love it! Totally going to pick up some felt balls next time I’m in a craft store!

  • kimberly oyler - these pictures were especially beautiful. so clean and bright and colorful.

  • Dawn - Doesn’t matter if it’s a needle, football, paint brush, or microphone – sweet Firecracker can do it all!!

  • Heidi Jo the Artist - Wow, it turned out gorgeous!

  • jenny - LOVE it!!! where do you get your felt balls? i only saw them one time in this little specialty store on a trip to the mountains.

  • Suzanne - I bought a 2 packages of the felt balls from Benzie (ordered on Etsy) and strung them on craft thread. It is a bit thicker than regular thread and because of the thickness, the balls do not move. Love the simplicity of it and promptly put it on a tall skinny Christmas tree in the playroom/homework room. AND, I added colored lights. My 3 boys could not have been more excited about the lights….I just loved my little garland (and I did space them out about 1.5 inches apart. So cheery!!

  • Lynet Witty - OMG what A BEAUTIFUL board, design, and felt balls!!! I love it! Ash, you are just incredibly talented creative! yes, i’m excited.

  • Ingrid - love it – it looks great!!

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