little makers {Market Day}

We are a part of a homeschool community that hosts periodic Market Days for the students. The students take time to create various products to sell to anyone that attends the market. The goal is for the kid to do the majority, if not all, of the work themselves. Today is Market Day, which means my 4 school-aged kids started working on their goods yesterday (despite my encouragement for them to start several weeks ago!). I will give my oldest credit, he did begin making PVC bow & arrow sets last week. The other three spent a good portion of yesterday making their products.

My oldest daughter wanted to make ruffled crepe paper streamers.

My 8 year old son decided to make pom pom garlands because “moms will buy them and moms have more money than kids.” He is a bit of genius. He also convinced his younger brother to help him because they are “so easy and fun to make.” Genius.

It made me pretty happy to watch them all working so hard all day creating things to sell and deciding their price points.

We made pom pom garlands at Craft Weekend. Previously I owned the pom pom makers on the right (below) and was frustrated with them. I’ve also tried the fork and and finger ways of making pom poms. Meg had the pom pom makers on the left and they worked so much better than mine. I used a 50% off coupon at Micheals and got some of my own for a couple of dollars. Totally worth it and the kids can make them on their own too.11.14market-0511.14market-0611.14market-0811.14market-09

Here is the garland I made at Craft Weekend. I’m going to buy one from the boys that is more colorful!11.14market-1011.14market-11

It is kind of awesome to be at a stage of life where my kids can make stuff on their own and learn little lessons about running their own business. We don’t have enough neighbors for a lemonade stand, so Market Days it is for now. I’ll be honest in the days leading up to market I don’t have the best attitude about getting everything together, but then I watch my kids work hard and create. It is totally worth it. I’ll read this post in the spring to remind myself before the next Market Day!

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