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While at Craft Weekend I was inspired by a project by Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy. Lindsey’s version is a painting that can be pretty time consuming. When I saw it, I knew my kids would have fun doing something similar. I don’t have much wall space left, so I didn’t want to do paintings – I feel the need to hang those! Instead, we did a similar version on paper with colored pencils.
11.14art-01Lindsey’s tutorial involved measuring and drawing all the lines on the paper. I thought I would try folding the paper instead. AND my fingers paid the price from all that folding. Next, I added the circles for my 5 & 6 year old. You can find complete instructions on Lindsey’s blog.11.14art-04The older two boys wanted to draw their own circles. The perfectionist in me really wanted to help, but that would rob them of the joy in creating on their own. Embracing imperfection is pretty important – and hard for some of us to learn.11.14art-0611.14art-07I have two righties, two lefties and one we think is probably a rightie. It has taken me a while to learn that everything goes much more smoothly when leftys and righties sit without bumping elbows!11.14art-0811.14art-0911.14art-1011.14art-11

After we finished, my kids wanted to do it again. I did not want to fold another paper, so I created a printable version. Just in case you want to make one too and don’t want to deal with all that folding and measuring, you can download the one I made below. If you don’t want the dark lines you can reduce the opacity before printing (and save ink!). Also, keep in mind that your printer may not got to the edges. You could just trim that part off with scissors.

Click on the image to downloadUnderTheSycamoreCircles

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  • Lee - I used to do something similar when I was a kid. With a math compass, put the pin on the edge of a piece of paper and draw a curve across the paper from one edge to another. Then move the pin to one of the pencil lines (where it meets the edge of the paper) and draw another curve. Keep doing that and all the curves will intersect. It’s not as symmetrical as yours but I think that’s what I liked about it

  • Meg - Thanks for the printable! Halfway through reading the post I was thinking about how I should mock it up on the computer and now I don’t have too! I have a 7 hour car ride with my 4 year old tomorrow and this will be a hit! Thanks!

  • Dawn - Yay! Thanks for this! Yesterday when you posted the pic on IG, I thought I want to do that with my son! He will love it! 🙂

  • BeckyH in MA - I made a Sil. Cameo cutting file for the Cathedral Window pattern. It has the ellipticals and the center part. It’s a bit challenging to put together but lots of fun. I made mine on canvas and added a few layers of Mod Podge. It’s hanging in my craft area. (I placed a picture of it on my Instagram/link today so you can see it).

    If you would like the cutting files, please let me know and I will email them. 🙂

  • lindsey - the pleated poppy - so fun! my kids love this project as well, but we haven’t tried it with colored pencils (smart mom!). so smart to make the printable!

  • Jessie Dewey - Thanks for the printable!!!!

  • LisaAnn - Thanks for the printable! It’s a cold afternoon outside and this will fit the bill for not too messy indoor fun.

  • Caitlin E - Thanks for the printable Ashley! It’s snowing here in Portland (which NEVER happens! and let’s be honest, it’s mostly sleeting) and my girls will love coloring this while we’re stuck inside.

  • Amy @thelittlefarmdiary - What a fabulous idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • meg duerksen - this is super fun! and how hilarious are our matching squash posts?!!!!! i wrote that squash post before craft weekend but i was saving it! and we posted on the same day.
    miss you a whole bunch girlie!

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