diy {vinyl paper serving trays}

10.14tray-01Cold weather is approaching. For some, this means fall has arrived. For me, it marks the end of spray painting season. I’m taking advantage of the final days of warm weather to spray paint anything and everything. Typically, I make a stock pile of all the things I want to spray paint and then paint them all at once.

Over the weekend, I tackled several projects…one was giving a facelift to a few serving trays.


  • Wood trays – my grandpa made one, the black one was from a craft store
  • Spray Paint – I used White & Blue Ocean Breeze
  • Decoupage
  • Shelf liner or vinyl wallpaper (so they are waterproof) – mine are both retro finds
  • Scissors or an X-acto knife

Step 1: Spray paint your tray


Step 2: Cut your paper to size. I chose paper with a vinyl finish. This will allow me not to worry if anything wet gets on the trays or if something is spilled.

Step 3: Add decoupage to the tray and smooth out the paper.10.14tray-0510.14tray-0710.14tray-0910.14tray-10This was such a fast, fun and easy project using supplies I already had on hand. I’m thinking I need to make a few more this week…Happy Monday.

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  • Amy @thelittlefarmdiary - I just love adding beauty in unexpected places! These turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

  • angie - good morning… what a fun diy… love the retro coverings that you used… they turned out so cute! makes me want to go thrifting to find the perfect tray… thanks for sharing!

  • Cathy Shealy - Great project I love the tray with the fan pattern. Which one did your grandpa make?

  • Diana - These are adorable. Now I really want to make one!

  • amanda - These are so fun Ashely!!! Maybe next year we should put our piles together and have one big painting party!!!

  • AshleyAnn - Yes, Amanda! We definitely need to do that!!!

  • kimberly oyler - this is pretty cute.

  • Kerry - These are so fun — on my “to make someday” list ; )

  • meg duerksen - i love the yellow one!!! and i love the gummy toothy smile. and i can’t believe you got a puppy!!!! so so so cute. miss you like crazy girl.

  • Meghan - These came out great! I’m curious about the pinwheels that are nestled in that mason jar. Do you have a fun tutorial?

  • Deneen Pancari - I laughed about your comment..”For me, it marks the end of spray painting season” I enjoy looking at your IG feed and reading your blog! Chickens are awesome!!