diy {super simple tab curtains}

I like disclaimers. So here are mine for today:

I’m not an interior designer.

My sewing skills are on par with my five year old’s.

I’m not fancy.

I like simple, fast, cheap and no-fuss.

This diy post is for those of you like me.

In our ‘guest room’ we have 4 rectangular windows. The room is up high and if it were just us, I’d go without curtains since we don’t have neighbors super close. However, I think guests like a little more privacy! I wanted something very simple on the windows that would really only be used when we have an overnight guest. I also needed it to be affordable and easy to make.



  • Twin Sheet set (mine is from Target)
  • Ribbon (mine is from my friend April’s shop, Southern Hospitality)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • a mom that can sew straighter lines than you (at least if you are me)
  • Eye hooks10.14tabcurtains-03

Step 1: Cut and sew panels that cover each window, overlapping the edges of the windows a bit. Originally, I planned on doing this…but I only sew a semi-straight line. My mom knows this. Thankfully, she agreed to do the cutting and straight line sewing for me. The curtains turned out much better as a result. Mine would have been all wonky.

Step 2: Cut the ribbon into strips about 2 inches long

Step 3: Pin the ribbon in place and test on your window before you sew them down.


Step 4: Sew the ribbon tabs to the curtain. Obviously, I am not a perfectionist on this…my ribbon is folded over a bit on the backside. Don’t look mom. No one will see it (except you right now), so I don’t really care.

Step 5: Hang your curtains. To hang mine, I just screwed eye hooks into the drywall about 1 inch above and outside the window. I also attached one hook in the middle (see later pictures).10.14tabcurtains-07

See how straight those curtains are?! That would not be the case if my mom had not intervened.10.14tabcurtains-0910.14tabcurtains-11And there you go. I am sure a publisher will be contacting me soon to ask me to write a sewing book.

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