Wonder Spider Girl

Brothers a few years ahead of them.
A sister a few years below.
They are in the middle, 15 months apart.

My twins that aren’t twins, but are becoming more ‘twin-like’ each day.

He passed down the Spider Man costume, she was happy to take over ownership.
9.14spidergirl-01She hugs him a lot. He endures it. Deep down I know he really likes it. 9.14spidergirl-02She joined me in the trailer while I was packing away a few things. Looking so cute climbing around, I asked her if I could take a picture. She agreed, but then got grumpy about it.9.14spidergirl-04I was just about to put my camera down, when I noticed the spark in her eye. Can you see it? 9.14spidergirl-05She spotted the mirror behind me…. 9.14spidergirl-069.14spidergirl-07Oh yea, I’m cute stuff. 9.14spidergirl-089.14spidergirl-09He 10 year old brother can tune me out when he has a book.

Her 8 year old brother can tune me out when he is drawing.

Her 6 year old brother can tune me out – well, all the time.

She can tune me out when she spots a mirror.

Watch out world, it is Wonder Spider Girl.

House pictures: ISO 125, 1/250, f/1.4

Trailer pictures: ISO 320, 1/200, f/2.8

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