Wonder Spider Girl

Brothers a few years ahead of them.
A sister a few years below.
They are in the middle, 15 months apart.

My twins that aren’t twins, but are becoming more ‘twin-like’ each day.

He passed down the Spider Man costume, she was happy to take over ownership.
9.14spidergirl-01She hugs him a lot. He endures it. Deep down I know he really likes it.9.14spidergirl-02She joined me in the trailer while I was packing away a few things. Looking so cute climbing around, I asked her if I could take a picture. She agreed, but then got grumpy about it.9.14spidergirl-04I was just about to put my camera down, when I noticed the spark in her eye. Can you see it?9.14spidergirl-05She spotted the mirror behind me….9.14spidergirl-069.14spidergirl-07Oh yea, I’m cute stuff.9.14spidergirl-089.14spidergirl-09He 10 year old brother can tune me out when he has a book.

Her 8 year old brother can tune me out when he is drawing.

Her 6 year old brother can tune me out – well, all the time.

She can tune me out when she spots a mirror.

Watch out world, it is Wonder Spider Girl.

House pictures: ISO 125, 1/250, f/1.4

Trailer pictures: ISO 320, 1/200, f/2.8

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  • Tracy Newton - I too had a spider girl with a brother 25 months ahead of her. The love they shared at that age was remarkable. Their relationship is having a few growing pains now that they are in their teens but at the core is still that same tremendous love.

  • Kassondra - I have 4 girls and yet my 2nd is a huge spiderman fan. I guess it’s something to do with the ability to climb and all kinds of things.but Spider Man is definitely not just for boys 🙂

  • Sasha Farina - oh she’s so cute i can’t stand it!

  • Debbie Mayfield - She is adorable. I hope she never loses her spirit.

  • Julie - Sweet! Maybe you need a miner’s hat, the light replaced with a small mirror?

  • Heather - My son and daughter are 16 months apart, so I love seeing a glimpse of the future in your two middle kiddos. My daughter happily plays with her brother’s toys right now and I can see that being a trend as she’s a bit of a daredevil (even at 10 months). :p

  • Tiffany - Haha! Love this post– what an awesome super-hero{ine}!! *Adorable, priceless pictures! 🙂

  • katie - Hi Ashley,
    I tried to find an email address for you on your blog, but no such luck…I am sure I am overlooking it. I wanted to see if my husband could send your oldest a copy of his book that is recently published. He is trying to get it in the hands of as many people as possible to get the word out (he is mainly doing most of the publicity). It’s a middle grade fiction novel that is a cross between Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia. Here is his website http://jtcopeiv.com and where you can buy it on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Countryside-Book-J-T-Cope-IV/dp/0985814152/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411494985&sr=8-1&keywords=countryside+book+of+the+wise (so you know I am not just blowing smoke, ha!).

    If he enjoys it, have him pass it onto someone else that might like it, too. Feel free to email me to the address I entered. Thanks Ashley.

  • Seamingly Sarah - We love Wonder Woman over here in our household. My two daughters just adore her and She-Ra. We’ve got homemade costumes for both, although the Wonder Woman costume could use work. My 6 year old insisted on the underwear part of the costume to be exactly like Wonder Woman’s, but I think it’d be better with a skirt! A little more coverage. And my 6 year old can also tune me out with a mirror. You should see her lose focus at gymnastics when she spots herself in the mirror. It’s like a magical blackhole. =)

  • Heather - She just makes me happy. Love your photos.

  • michele - I love your keen awareness and appreciation for your kiddos and your entire world. I have read your blog since 2009 and it seems as if you are even more sensitive and grateful than ever before. Thank you for sharing and please continue to let us see these glimpses of your life.

  • aneta - she looks like you!

  • Rebecca - Oh how I love to read your posts. Our girls are two of a kind. Feisty and sweet all rolled into one. I believe it has something to do with fantastic older brothers. 🙂