a twinkle in her eyes

Sometimes it is easy for me to get in a routine with photography. Same lens. Same settings. Same location (well, obviously we live, school and work in one place). I’ve been trying to challenge myself to do things out of my routine. Typically, I use a zoom lens when I am trying to capture the kids on the trampoline because it gives me more flexibility than a prime lens (a lens that you can’t zoom in and out). She loves jumping, so I thought I’d attempt to capture her with my 50mm prime lens.

I didn’t capture many I like of her in the air, but I did come away with a few new favorites of her. Challenges are good.


She loves to lay on her back and let me bounce her…9.14jump-029.14jump-039.14jump-049.14jump-05That last one is just so very her. Sweet and spunky with a twinkle in her eyes. Also, she has really great hair.

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  • meg - Our trampoline is hard because it has the net on it… so I tend to have to get really close and miss some action shots. P.S. I was thinking “she has awesome hair” and then saw your last comment. Ha!

  • Kelley - Ok those last 2 with her arms behind her head just kill me!!!! She is adorable!!! And her hair is really great!! Mine never looks that cute!

  • Carri - Oh I just love her so much!! She is precious. These are amazing.

  • danielle - These are adorable πŸ™‚ I like challenging myself also.

  • Joy - Little One just gets prettier everyday!

  • Debbie Mayfield - She looks so very happy. You are doing a great job!

  • Jen L. - She is soooo cute, I can’t take it. That twinkle. That smile. Those “I’ve got this” crossed arms behind her head. She does have a great head of hair. And she looks like she is filled to the brim with love.

    Thanks for sharing her with me/us,

  • Renee Johnson - What a beautiful young lady πŸ™‚

  • Jenny - Your pictures always turn out amazing! I’m totally jealous of your skills. I believe I have the same equipment as you, but your eye and talent are unique, resulting in your awesome one of a kind photos! πŸ™‚

  • christina larsen - Such a cutie! My O has great hair, too. Always smooth and shiny and straight! πŸ™‚

  • Carrie Rowe - She is just so precious!!!! Thank you for sharing these.

  • Jaime ? Raising up Rubies - she’s just so beautiful Ashley! you do good work mama.

  • Snow Lynn - Oh my! She is growing so much and is just adorable! I wish my bangs looked half as good as hers πŸ™‚ I too find that I use my zoom a lot more, and my 50 gets left out, but when I remember to use it… I get awesome shots too. Definitely worth the challenge of something different once in awhile.

  • Nichole Young - The last couple posts of Little One photos are just sweet as sugar! I hope you are able to share these with her previous foster care center in China? I think they would be tickled to see them, and it would be so inspiring for folks who visit and who are also adopting children from that same place, to see how far she has come and how happy she looks.

  • Cheryl E - She is beautiful! I love her smile!!

  • kimberly oyler - how has she gotten so big?? i can’t even handle it!

  • Linda - Ashley (because we are on a first name basis), she is beautiful!

  • Seamingly Sarah - Ha! Right before I read the last line on this blog post I was looking at the second to last picture thinking “that girl has spunk!” Right on.

  • Maria - Whenever I come to see your blog, I am so happy this girl got to come into your family. Happy both for you and for her and your family in general.

  • Tara - I just love her spirit, super fun spunk!

  • Michelle Davies - She is SO super adorable! What a sparkle she has!

  • Holly - Two comments in the same week is a first for me. She is so beautiful! I just needed to tell you that. And… We are looking at trampolines for our almost 5-year old’s birthday in October. Any suggestions on what to look for and what to steer clear of?

  • Blair - She is beautiful, and I believe that twinkle is because of you and her family. Look close and you can see yourself.

  • Elisha - I think these are my fav. photos of her

  • Ingrid - that last shot is beyond beautiful x

  • Katie - She is beautiful! That sparkle is for sure enhanced by the blessing of being your family.

  • Darcie - Wait, what?! How OLD is she in that last pic? Visions of a sassy beautiful teenage girl just flashed in my head. The same thing that happens when I look at my daughter every once in a while. Yikes! But really… beautiful woman and cute little girl all in one.

  • ellie - these photos! so.very.sweet. and her eyelashes – gah! my china girl is 8 and she asks if hers will get longer as she gets bigger πŸ™ sweet girl has none.

  • Cathy - She is so sweet. I love her smile!

  • Haley - Oh my goodness, these are all just so sweet!