diy for kids {tape bunting}

She’s got a deep liking for colorful washi tape. I have no idea who she got it from. No idea.

She asked me if she could make a bunting for her friend. The mere fact that she used “bunting” in a sentence won me over and I agreed. Together we made a little tape bunting. This is a super fast and easy craft to make with young kids…or by yourself.

She picked the tapes and I folded them over a baker’s twine. Once I folded the tape over, she trimmed the bottoms. The tape was not uniform or cut straight, but that really adds to the whimsy of it.9.14bunting-029.14bunting-04

I asked her to hold it up so I could take a picture to share with other moms in case their kids wanted to make one too. She had a different pose in mind than I did.9.14bunting-059.14bunting-07

We wrapped the bunting around an old postcard and she picked out two cards (she made two buntings) to write a note to her friends. The cards are from Rainy Day Colors – the EXTRA LARGE kids cards are perfect for her because her letters aren’t so small yet.9.14bunting-08

She isn’t a big fan of traditional copying letters or tracing (though we still do that and work on her grip), but she loves sending cards to her friends. I get her practicing handwriting and spelling, she gets to send special notes to her friends. Win. Win.9.14bunting-099.14bunting-109.14bunting-11

And then the race to the mailbox to send them off. 9.14bunting-12

Snail mail is one of my favorite things….I need to learn from my daughter and do a better job sending it!

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