3 minutes I said “yes” {photo tip}

In person and on this blog, I am frequently asked about how I get my kids to not run from my camera or be bothered by it. I share several tips in both SnapShop courses about this topic. I thought I would post one of those tips here today. I’ve mentioned it before – I lead by example. What I mean by this is if my kids have an idea for a photo or if they ask to take one of me I try my best to say, “yes.” This scenario played out this week while I was working on building some new tables. I thought I would share with you what it looks like with my oldest daughter….

She always wants to help me build or craft. As I was taking a few tutorial shots for a future blog post I looked across the table and she was playing with my drill. I snapped this shot:


Immediately she asked to take a photo of me. I set the camera on the opposite end of the table (it was a little heavy for her to hold). She told me to pose like this:8.14intheshot-02

When she saw the photo she took, she was frustrated it was blurry. My focal point was set to the center, which was too high to focus on me when I was squatting down. I moved the the focal point to the bottom center position while she demonstrated the next pose she wanted me to do, but with the nail gun and drill.8.14intheshot-038.14intheshot-04

Then she gave me another pose, but she didn’t want me to hold the drill.8.14intheshot-058.14intheshot-06

Finally, I asked her if we could use the timer and take one together.8.14intheshot-07

The whole thing took about 3 minutes. I was in the middle of something else when she asked, so it would have been easy to say, “in a minute” or “not right now” when she asked to use my camera. Often that is how I respond. But really….3 minutes is not a big deal. 3 minutes doing something together that was her idea and grows her love for photography. 3 minutes that help her see what I enjoy when I am the one holding the camera. I need to say “yes” more often.

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