gentle adjustments & sleeping kids {photo tip}

I think a combination of a busy weekend, friends daily dropping by and maybe a growth spurt have tuckered this girl out. She is sleeping moreโ€ฆand in random places. I remember when her big sister when through a phase of falling asleep all over the place, despite naps and good rest at night. There is just something so peaceful and a little funny about finding kids asleep in places not usually used for resting. Sleeping kids in great light are one of my favorite things to photograph.

Photo tip: When I first walked in on her, her hair was covering her face. I snapped a few shots without moving her hair in case she woke up. After I got a those shots, I gently moved her hair so I could see her face. If my kids fall asleep somewhere random like the kitchen table, they are usually sleeping pretty deeply and I can delicately move things like hair. Some might prefer the first shot because it is more natural, but I just love seeing her peaceful face.7.14sleeper-05

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