Explore MT {Palisade Falls & Bozeman, MT}

We spent a couple days exploring Bozeman, MT. The original plan was to meet up with some friends, but sickness cut their trip short. So, we made the most of our time and soaked up the fun that is Bozeman. Leslie Padgett acted as our virtual tour guide and provided us with a list of fun things to try…along with a few other suggestions from some of you. We visited the Museum of the Rockies, Granny’s Gourmet Donuts and got some tea/lemonade from Sola Cafe…I would recommend all of those if you are in the Bozeman area.

The highlight of our time was a hike to Palisade Falls. It was an easy hike and the kids loved getting a little wet in the stream below the falls. It was also a great chance to talk about the differences in waterfalls, the dangers of falling rocks, the majesty of creation, etc.


This trip has been a dream come true for my oldest. He is so much of a young man these days…and he is at home in the wild with adventure and danger at every turn.7.14palisadefalls-67.14palisadefalls-7

Camera timer shot…two of the boys stuck their heads in the stream because it sounded like fun. Then they had really cold heads!7.14palisadefalls-9

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  • danielle - Beautiful shots.

  • Debbie C - Ashley, this trip has been so wonderful and I love that you are sharing your locations with us! Will you be putting these posts in a separate category at the top of the blog? I def want to reference this info one day when we drive to Yellowstone.

  • Janice - Can’t think of Bozeman without thinking of Sheldon Cooper moving there after his apartment was broken into.

    I am loving taking this journey with you and your family.

  • Eva - Oh, how I would love to go adventuring in the PNW. Unfortunately, we live as far as possible from that part of the country. It stinks. I am living vicariously through you, though. Maybe in a few years we will be able to swing it. But for now, your photos will have to do. That last photo of all of you is my fave. I really need to use my timer more often.

  • DebZorn - I’ve really enjoyed your photos as you have been traveling. (I really enjoy ALL your photos!) Your family picture and the one of you and the kids on the rocks are fantastic. What wonderful memories you are making. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • emily - Bozeman is gorgeous! Wish you guys could have met up with your friends! I have a feeling some epic photography would have come from that plan! 🙂 Having fun seeing your trip!! If you need a place to park the trailer in Spokane, we have space 😉

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Thank you for taking us on your trip with you 😉 i’m loving every picture!

  • Chris - Absolutely love all your trip pics. Thanks so much for sharing. Makes me want to scoop up my family and head out west!

  • Kendra - How fun you were in my backyard! We live right on campus which neighbors up to the Museum. So glad you had an amazing time here 🙂

  • Seamingly Sarah - Have you ever read “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge or any of his other books. He wrote that book for men, but as a woman it was good to read too. He writes so well about the wildness God has placed in men’s hearts. It would be a good read for you and your husband and maybe someday your oldest son too. My husband and I have almost every book he’s written. Just a thought.

  • Lucrecer - I used to live in Great Falls, MT. Looking at your pictures reminded me why I loved our family road trips. It is beautiful country.

  • RaD - Did you find fossils around Bozeman? That was one of the most memorable parts of visiting that area…