Photography Fun For Kids {part 2}

Two weeks ago I shared some simple photography tips for kids on the blog. It was a two part post. Part one was the tips. Part two is an art project using the photos your kids take.

Here are links to both posts (click on the titles):

Part One: Photography Fun for Kids – photo tips

Part Two: Photography Fun for Kids – art project

These two are two years apart….and looking more and more alike each day, especially with their summer haircuts.5.14mpix2-25.14mpix2-35.14mpix2-4

This was his face when I told him his artwork would be featured on a big photography company blog.5.14mpix2-5

And then his face turned into a big smile.

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  • Wendy - Oh, I LOVE this idea! I’ve had the kids do this with pictures I’ve cut out from magazines, but never thought to do it with pictures! This is definitely on our summer “to do” list.

  • Jody - Love love this. Thanks for sharing!!

    More art/photography ideas for our kids please!!!!!!!

  • Seamingly Sarah - Oh my gosh! I’ve never really looked at them side by side like that. It looks like one of them is a time traveler who came to visit himself in the future. It’s amazing to see all of the possibilities that exist within each child.

  • Tonya - That face he is making in the last picture….cracked me up!

  • Southern Gal - I missed the second part on Mpix. I love that face!

  • Taylor - haha! I love that last picture! Kids are seriously too funny!


  • RaD - Mmmm…. I still think your youngest son and oldest daughter look the most alike. :0)

  • Elisha Wolter - Hi Ashley! This is such a great idea for kids to do! I think I’m going to give it a try with my kids, they will really enjoy it! I’m going to go and read the first post now, thanks for sharing!

  • Irene Wiranata - Thanks for the great idea for the projects (for future kids!) 😀 By the way, I am just wondering what are your kids’ rules on using technology and do you give them limit on how much they can use in a day etc.. (ipad,iphone,tv etc)

    Have a fabulous weekend! :))