the way she looks at him

ISO 320, 1/125, f/2.8
5.14smitten-1ISO 400, 1/160, f/2.8 – both5.14smitten-2ISO 400, 1/160, f/2.85.14smitten-4ISO 400, 1/160, f/2.8 5.14smitten-5ISO 500, 1/125, f/2.8 – both 5.14smitten-6

Canon 6D, 50mm f/1.4 lens, edited with Replichrome II

When he walks in the room, her eyes light up. Her smile grows. She squeals, “Daddy!”

She’s my little shadow – but she’s his little girl.

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  • Avenlea - So so sweet! πŸ™‚

  • Katie - This is beautiful! And her headband is amazing!

  • Sarah - Adorable!

  • michelle - that is a very special kind of love. How sweet are they ?! Her outfit is adorable!

  • Haley - Beautiful! I love how you can see how much your daughter’s loves her father in these photos. What kind of songs does he sing for her?

  • Sarah - wow, these photos are some priceless treasures.

  • Lori Danelle - So incredibly wonderful. I know you know, but that right there is incredible, and all-too-often, rare. Love that you captured it.

    However, what I really want to know: Did Lesley approve that artistic embellishment to her design???? πŸ˜‰ (part of me would be freaking out just a bit β€” while the other part would be questioning what is wrong with me!?!?) πŸ™‚

  • candy - Melt my heart-precious!

  • Sarah @ House Made of Marital Glue - I don’t comment often but have been a longtime reader. This post is so beautiful! She is beginning to look so grown up! It’s so beautiful to see the way she looks at him. I hope your children are able to appreciate, if not now then one day, all the memories and little intricacies of their childhood that have been captured on camera. So special!

  • angie - I die. This is SO sweet!

  • Janice - That last image is just incredible. I was a Daddy’s Girl, and the only bad thing about being a Daddy’s Girl is how broken your heart is when your Daddy is gone. You capture the love in your family so very well.

  • Kristin S - Oh, Ashley, as it should be.

  • Carrie - Oh such precious images. They remind me of the hugs I used to give my Dad…I miss them xx

  • Jenny B. - Oh, this just made me tear up! Seriously… hormonal issues, or what? πŸ™‚ LOVE that photo where she’s looking up at him (3rd from last). It makes me think about how her love for her dad will carry through her whole life and impact things like who she marries and such. So much in that one photo!

  • DebZorn - Such sweet and tender moments.

  • Marie - The photo below the close-up of the guitar…..well, my heat just melted!

  • Stoich91 - Tears..all the tears…

  • Taylor - These pictures are absolutely adorable! I can only imagine the way my little girl will look at her kind and loving daddy too and I can’t wait to see those same loving eyes.


  • danielle - Those are beautiful!

  • amber - Just the sweetest thing. My 7 year old daughter is still just as smitten with her daddy. These pictures are awesome. What a treasured memory that will make you cry one day!!

  • Jill - This is so cute!!!

  • haili - I love these! beautiful.

  • Nichole Young - Firecracker posts are my favorite!!

  • Seamingly Sarah - I love this. I want my girls to be more Daddy Girls, but alas, they are Mommy Girls ALL the way. =)

  • Barb - Nice pictures! Where did you get your daughters headband? Did you make it?

  • Kendra - These are so precious! I love her smile and overflowing joy that is captured in these images πŸ™‚

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - I always love your photos but these are exquisite – her expression is so precious and the photos themselves are so sharp. Your 6D is amazing!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - So. Much. Love.

  • Sarah - This is so precious, Ashley!! xx

  • Kathy - Have you read Meg Meeker’s book, STRONG FATHERS, STRONG DAUGHTERS
    ? I think you would like it. πŸ™‚

  • Carrie - You capture it so well, “She is my little shadow – but she is his little girl”. I have three little girls who are my shadows, but definitely their daddy’s little girls. So precious!

  • MrsFun - I love these!! We only have one girl, she’s graduating next month, and she still looks at her daddy like this.

  • Helen - Wow, she is a lucky girl to have such a daddy to admire.. and live music in her life! Love it.

  • Shelly B. - I tell ya, this is the sweetest thing. The bond between a father and his daughter….it is an incredible thing. Very sweet photos.

  • Heather - Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for sharing!! My daughter and husband have this exact same relationship but reading your last line brought tears to my eyes because it put into words exactly what I see between the three of us. She truly is my shadow and his little girl, so perfect!

  • Marlene - Eu amei o seu blog, Γ© lindo! parabΓ©ns!!