photo tips for kids {Mpix & Click Away}

Today I am guest posting over on the Mpix blog. I’m sharing a few very basic photo tips you can teach kids using a phone camera. My kids are always wanting to take pictures, so I want to be able to give them the tools they need to help capture all those lego and insect pictures they want to take! My 8 year old shows the most interest in photography, so he is starting to learn how to use my dslr. The others are content with my phone for now.

Below are some pictures related to the post. The second picture in each set is the photo they captured. The Mpix post is actually two-part. Today starts with photo tips. Soon it will be followed up with an art project using the photos the kids take. Click here to read my Mpix guest post.

Click here to read the full post on the Mpix blog.


Click Away is quickly approaching. I’ll be a part of a panel discussing creativity and I’ll also be sharing about the joy of photography. As the tools to grow as a photographer expand, I’ve seen so many of my friends and past SnapShop students get burned out and frustrated with their own work. The constant influx of images that others are capturing can easily lead to a comparison game that often ends in frustration. I’m going to share on the simple joy of photography – why it is a gift to us, to those around us, to those that come after us. I hope to encourage those attending to keep the delight in photography that they first found. I’ll  share about my struggles with this and how I try to continue to grow as a photographer without letting that push to be better rob my joy in photography. If you are interested in attending Click Away, you can visit the website for more details…also below is a discount code if you are interested.


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  • Jenn - they did such a great job. i love their captures.
    saw you post on mpix this morning. awesome tips. i will try this with my two. thanks 🙂

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  • angie - Love what your kids captured!

  • cat - Bravo to the young photographers, I LOVE their pics….really excellent work!

  • amy@figmilkshakes - What a fun idea to take pictures of the kids while they’re “snapping” and then show the picture! Might have ta steal that if it’s okay. 😉

    Say, are there going to be any “Click Away” ticket giveaways? 😀

  • elizabeth - what a beautiful blog!….I just stumbled across this space and got so excited because my blog is titled “Under the Sycamore Tree”! I didn’t know anyone else used such a similar title. 🙂

  • Amy Espinosa - My little ones take pictures of EVERYTHING all day. Your littles captured beautiful shots with the phone camera. It really teaches them to see the beauty in the small and ordinary of the everyday. Thank you for sharing.

  • Liz - I just stumbled upon your blog through your Mpix guest post. The pictures and the stories are truly inspirational. Thanks for the photo tips for children. I’m looking forward to part two–making something with their pictures. Also, that is a really cool “Life is beautiful” calendar in the background of some of your pictures. Anybody know where I can get one?

  • Laurie - Such a great idea for my lil artist this summer. You bring a fresh perspective to everything.

    I usually read your blog via Pulse reader on my iPad, but today I’m on my desktop, so I just now focused on your cute web designs by Katie Daisy. She is from my hometown!!! I love her art and I love that she’s done this for you.

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  • Elisha Wolter - Such a great post! I think the ‘egg’ photo and the ‘bright pens’ ones are my favourite, although they’re all great! Your blog is stunning and I LOVE it!