diy {hanging shelf v.2}

Several years back, I had the honor of being a DIY contributor to Design*Sponge. Other priorities came along and I stepped back from that, but I’ll always be a big fan of Design*Sponge. In 2011, I shared a tutorial for a hanging shelf. Click here for that old tutorial.

While Chris was out of the country, I decided to try to get his office close to finished. I wasn’t too excited about lots of trips to get supplies with 5 kids, so I tried to work mainly with what I had on hand. Thus, another hanging shelf project.4.14shelf-1

I couldn’t find any wood in the garage that would work, but I did find an extra shelf in the boys’ closet. It is supposed to go in the hallway, but I added a butterfly poster where it goes. So, the shelf got trimmed down and relocated to the office.


After I cut the board, I marked an inch in from the 4 corners to drill holes.4.14shelf-4

Next, I drilled the holes and tied rope to hang the shelf. I actually like the leather straps better, but I had tons of rope from all that macraming I was doing while he was gone. I think I’ll go buy some leather soon and replace the rope.4.14shelf-6

Nothing fancy, but it works for now…and it always feels good to finish a project in a couple of minutes!4.14shelf-84.14shelf-9

I’d give a tour of his office, but as soon as he got back he took it over with tax documents. Now the door is shut and I am going to stay out until after tax season!

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  • Anna French - I have an extra shelf at home and this is a great idea. Now I know what to do with it! Thank you!

  • kimberly oyler - ahhhhhh i can’t wait until i hang things on a wall without using command hooks!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, I love this! And I love the rope – you know – for the record 🙂

  • Snow Lynn - I love this! Shelf looks great.. so simple, beautiful and functional! Doesn’t get much better than that, especially when it took no time to make! I am LOVING the cork board with your instagram pics and calendar.. are those 4×6 prints you cut down or did you order square prints? Is the cork board DIY? Simple and clean. Just beautiful!

  • Izzy - I really like the simplicity of that look with the rope. Having a hanging shelf looks really good!

  • Jamie - I love the shelf, but my favorite part of the post was actually the square pictures on the cork board, great idea!!!

  • Taylor - I love this! What kind of hooks did you use to hang it? I’m always a little wary because I never know what will hold a lot of weight.


  • AshleyAnn - Taylor – I just used little metal wall hooks, but I attached them to the wall studs with long wood screws.

  • Olivia - I love the hanging plants by the window…. yesssssss. So trying this! :)~

  • Karen - Ashley, I just pinned that cute original shelf the other day and had no idea it was yours. It is such a cute idea!

  • BeckyH in MA - Ashley — look on Amazon for books on Paracord fusion ties. You can also purchase many different colors of Paracord fairly cheap on Amazon. The boys would love doing this, too!

  • Holly Rook - Ashley, I love the office ideas and I would love to know where the art print from 2nd Corinthians came from. We are doing a bible study this summer and it is a perfect gift for the ladies that will be participating! I like the cork board too! It’s always great to get more photos up on the walls!

  • Denise Leavens - Good move, staying away from anyone doing taxes right now! I pray right now that Chris is availing himself of the offer Christ makes to him (and EVERYONE)in Corinthians 12:9! And all the glory goes to God. *Smile*

  • Mary - Please can I ask where the ‘my grace is sufficient’ print is from? It is a verse that I have been dwelling on this year and I would love a print of it. It looks like your sister’s work, but I haven’t noticed it in her shop. Thank you.

  • Erin - Does that knot have a specific name? I want to make this shelf but can’t figure out the knot. Help!! 🙂 thanks!!!