phone photography tips {Mpix guest post}

This is a crazy week of announcements and links…and double posting! Do you get emails from Mpix? If so, you’ve already seen this. Today I had a guest post up on the Mpix blog, so I thought I’d share the link!

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Also, that is my “I can’t look at the camera and smile normally, so I look off to one side instead” profile picture. I tend to look off to one side or crop half my face out of pictures. Weirdo. I need someone to teach me how to not be awkward in front of the camera. My poor husband gets stuck with trying to take bio/profile pictures of me. I am not an easy girl to photograph…the poor guy should get some kind of reward for what he has to deal with…I get grumpy fast.

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  • Laura J - Embrace your inner “Little One”. Jump in front of the camera as often as possible and be excited to see how the photo turned out! I think you are beautiful. (I however, appear to always smirk in photos-can you lend me Little One so I can learn too?)

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I love this pic of you! I was so glad to see you in my email! (and now you know what your next photo project should be! selfies!)

  • Martha - I do the same – all my favorite pictures of me are my face in profile! I feel so awkward in front of the camera and always feel like I ‘don’t photograph well’.

  • Bonnie - Love the tips in the article, Ashley! It’s awesome to see you sharing on other sites! 🙂

  • Stoich91 - So cool! 😀

  • Elena - Maybe you should take your own advice – have one of your kids do something that always makes you laugh, then the stealth photographer can catch your natural smile.

  • kimberly oyler - i haaaaaaaaate getting my pictures taken. i’d rather be on the other side of the camera pleaseandthankyou.

  • Sarah - Okay, those tips are kind of revolutionary for me. Really, I think that those are going to completely change how I view taking pictures of my girls and I don’t have to resign myself to the fact that all of their childhood moments are going to be ill-timed and out of focus. You give me inspiration with the moments you are able to capture!