our 2012 family album {blurb photo books}

Why yes, it is 2014 tomorrow and I am posting about our 2012 albums. Typically, I order our family albums in January for the previous year. That did not happen January of 2013. While the boys were on their ski trip, I took advantage of the quiet nights to finally get our 2012 album finished. I’m often asked about how I compile my books, so I’m going to answer a few common questions here.

  • Company – This year I created my book through Blurb
  • Size – I did the 12 x 12 book for our family book and the 8.72 x 11.25 book to compile all the adoption posts I wrote.
  • Paper – I had to use the standard paper because my book got too big (250+ pages) and I no longer had the option for upgraded paper. However, I am very happy with the standard paper.
  • Design software – I used the Blurb BookSmart software. The BookSmart software does allow you to create custom layouts. Typically, I create about 5 and save them under “My layouts” in the software.
  • Cover – I did the hardcover image wrap on the smaller book and the dust jacket on our family album. I wish I had done the image wrap on both.
  • Photos – I use DSLR and iPhone photos. I typically have 300-600 photos per month to sort through, some months even more. This is after I’ve deleted all the ones I don’t like! I create my book month by month. For instance, in July I try to keep the month chronological but if I have a few photos that don’t fit with others, I’ll add them all together at the end of the month.
  • Extra copy – I always order 2 yearly albums. One is tucked away safely. The other is left out for us to enjoy. I don’t harp on the kids to be so careful that they are afraid the thumb the pages. I want them to enjoy the books…as they enjoy photos they are more willingly to continue to not mind my camera out all the time.
  • Text – I do not add text to my books, simply because I would never finish them if I tried to add text. I figure it is better to have the book with no text than to have no book at all. Hobby Lobby sells archival pens that don’t smudge – every now and then I will write something in the book. Very seldom though because I’m just happy to actually get them done.

I actually ordered two books this year.

1. a 12×12 family album of all our 2012 pictures

2. a 8.72 x 11.25 book of all the blog posts I wrote regarding our adoption journey12.13blurb-1

As far as how I lay out the pages – it is different on each page. If I have several photos that all fit together, I will do a spread (2 pages that face each other) using the series of photos. This the the most common way I create my books. It makes for big books, but I really enjoy having some pages with large images.

12.13blurb-212.13blurb-4During the duration of taking these photos I think I told him 20 times to get off the table.12.13blurb-5

12.13blurb-3On other pages, I compile several pictures that ‘fit’ together either by theme or chronologically. The spread below goes from our time in Hong Kong to the day we met our youngest daughter in China.12.13blurb-6It is hard to believe, but I think the kids might enjoy the books even more than I do. It is so much fun listening to them re-live the events.12.13blurb-7

Below is an example of a custom spread. I used the BookSmart software to edit the layout to make the one you see below. I used this layout design several times in the book because it allowed for 2 verticals and 8 horizontals. Sidenote – Little One has really been pointing our her cleft lip in old pictures. I wish I could get in her head to know what she is thinking! Someday.

12.13blurb-912.13blurb-10She knocked over the plant in her excitement to see the book. Also, the pages below are instagram pictures. I created this layout to hold 25 square photos per page and had several pages at the end of the book of my favorite Instagram shots. They are in chronological order.12.13blurb-11I also always add images of things I made that year and pictures of how the house was decorated. I think those will be really fun to look back on in the decades to come….when my grandkids call my diy projects vintage.12.13blurb-12

I made the smaller book for Little One. Maybe one day she’ll want to read all those blog posts I wrote regarding how she joined our family and how I was feeling while waiting. It is heavy on the text. I added more personal parts as well…not just stuff from the blog. I also included ALL of your comments from the post when we announced we were adopting and the post where we held her for the first time. Those comments take up half of the book. I debated including them or not, but ultimately think she might really like to see how many people were rejoicing and celebrating her life.

It is such a big book – over 300 pages. There are so many questions I’ll never be able to answer for her. I hope this book will help her to know how deep and fierce and loved she is by her family.12.13blurb-1312.13blurb-1512.13blurb-1612.13blurb-1712.13blurb-18Once they finished the new 2012 book, they started pulling out old ones and cracking up.12.13blurb-1912.13blurb-20Years later and they still think it was so funny to stick their fingers in the fan.

It is deeply important to me that our family pictures do not just sit on my computer or a hard drive. They tell the stories that my tired brain has already forgotten. They take us back. Make us cry and laugh and smile. They bring up gratitude. They remind us of how good we’ve got it…

***I have purchased albums from Blurb for a couple of years now. The albums above were purchased by me and were not provided for a review. I was not paid for this post. However, I have recently joined the Blurb affiliate program.***

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  • Gina :: Listening in the Litany - This is one of my goals for 2014 and honestly, it has seemed very daunting. Never even occurred to me not to add text. That will make it SO much easier to complete! I love the idea of ordering 2 copies as well. Definitely want my kids to enjoy it.

  • cathie w. - I started reading your blog almost 5yrs ago, while I was pregnant with my oldest. Seeing your posts about the family album was so inspiring. While I am not so organized yet to do an entire family album, I have been making an album for my son each year that is just about him. Instead of a calendar year, it follows him from the last birthday to the most recent. He loves it!
    And it is so fun to see how much he has grown over the last year!
    Thanks for all the awesome ideas!

  • Izzy - How lovely! The books look Awesome with the different layouts! And what a wonderful idea to create the adoption story photo book.

  • Sundee - These are brilliant!! Congratulations on getting them done. There is a lot of work between those covers.

  • AnnMarie - I always pin your books because I do a blurb book as well. You have such great ideas! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • danielle - Maybe one day I will actually make my book as big as yours! That would be so fun! I make one for all the grandparents for a Christmas present but I include funny things that my boys have said. That is my boys favorite part! I condense mine down a LOT, I take an insane amount of pictures! I just add more to the grandparents one to make ours. This is making me think I should really go for it and add a lot! So fun! I love the adoption book! Great idea!

  • Meg - We always struggle with what to include about our kid’s adoptions, so your comment about including the comments from Little One’s blog post caught me. Our hope too is that while there are a TON of people our boys will probably never know that have been following them and our story, they’ll see that there are a TON of people loving them and praying for them that they probably will never know. Thanks for sharing that!

  • paige - so very awesome!

  • Lisa - Love this. Love your blog and your family and your perspective on life and living it to it’s fullest. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography and ideas…it’s always so very refreshing.

    Great idea to not worry about text, I’ll be working on our 2013 album soon and that really makes it so much easier to think about. Photos tend to trigger the memory anyway. :))

    Blessings to you and your family this new year!

  • Natalie, the Chickenblogger - Fantastic, and truly inspiring.
    I have a moment’s regret that I haven’t printed more, made albums, but never mind…
    I love this idea, and will see what I can do to get started, now.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful albums, and also for sharing your
    experience and tips~

  • Ashley - I love love love this! I’m also trying to complete 2012. Ha! I’ve been using Shutterfly, but am starting to get frustrated with a few things. How do you think that compares with Blurb?

  • Monica - Thanks to your blog I start creating my photo books. 🙂 I love them. I need to start the 2013 but this time I want to add a lot of pictures, maybe I will need to re do the 2012 because when I made it I think I skip a lot of pictures because I was in a hurry to finish it to try to get a deal, but then I realized always you can find good deals. This time I will try blurb. First I am going to start choosing the pics. Have a great day! Love your pictures, love your family. 🙂

  • Bonnie - I love your books– such great memories for your family. Thanks to you mentioning Blurb in the past, I’ve made one book and have at least 3 more that I still need to find the time to make! The software is easy and the product is amazing! Thanks for the Blurb recommendation! 🙂

  • Jo - Oh man, this made my day. I do my blurb books so much the same. It saves my sanity I think it is the most efficient method. But I did not know that you can make your own templates! I tried it all ready this morning. What a blast! Thank you!

  • Nat Bottacin Photography - I also use Blurb for my photobooks and I really love them!!!! The standard paper is awesome, I love the semi matte feel it has. And they ship internationally as well (I live in Argentina!). For my last order, I tried the soft cover option so I´ll see what the results are as soon as it gets here!!

  • kathi - I am working on my first Blurb book (for 2013) thanks to you! I love the ability to create the layouts how I want them and not have to stick with a scripted few! It will be fun to get my first one in the mail! Thanks for detailing the elements of your book!

  • jenn - You mentiond coupon codes once before. I am making a blurb one for 2013 but haven’t seen a 50% off code yet. Do they offer 50% off? Love your books. So special.

  • Melissa Phillips - I want to do this but I have the silliest worries. What if my kids do a about of collage in school. I won’t have any pictures printed for them to use?

  • Celena Green - I have to say I am super glad that you do this review! I started a series on my blog called the Wildflower Chronicles (chosen because of the Alice in Wonderland “Do you think she’s a wildflower??” As soon as I heard I immediately thought of my daughter! What I do is I take at least one picture per week but normally more and pair it with a list of all the funny things that she says and does and any milestones that she hits! I plan to do this until she graduates high school and then soon after that I would love to be able to present her with a volume of books written in my voice (figuratively of course) on the day that she is leaving for college. That way she can have a personal diary of her childhood written from my perspective and she’ll know exactly what I was thinking, how I was feeling, and more importantly, how much her daddy I loved her and still do. It will be like the ultimate baby book (which is good because I hate to do additional baby books)!!!

    I say all that to say that I was looking at options of companies to use to put these books together once I get to that point and I saw Blurb but I just wanted to really see what someone said about it so I definitely am very glad that you posted this review!! I have my work cut out for me don’t I? Haha, she’s only my first child.

  • Celena Green - By “I hate to do additional baby books” I meant “I hate traditional baby books”. Sorry.

  • Stoich91 - Wow! Beautiful! And what a great idea about Little One’s book – what an honor to be a part of this journey! ;D

    I love the army man band aid! lol Life with boys… Also I think children are so used to seeing themselves in one way that when a toddler sees a picture of themselves or a reflection in which their face has a mark on it or is distorted in some way, perhaps they are wondering what that ‘mark’ is? Or perhaps she remembers it vividly and really is wanting to know more…

  • Shauna - I am inspired to finish my newborn book for my boy who is now 4 years old and my daughter who is now 2. I am not going to type any text…and do a yearly chronological. Text is where I get stumbled on and why I have not finished it. Even though my photos are no where near where yours are at, I realize that memories are still there through photos. I was cleaning out some old boxes this past week and photos brought smiles reminding me of moments. I want to also do a book of my husband and my engagement. I have a folder of all the emails and communications that my husband and I had during our dating months…I am going to just scan them and not worry about editing and just get it in a book. Progress is more important than perfection. Thanks!

  • Jen - Yea! I just ordered my 2012 books as well! I am SO excited for them to arrive! I love blurb! 🙂

  • Paige - Just ordered my 2012 book too! I’m so behind. But at least it’s done! It takes me hours. Love your Instagram layouts!

  • Taylor - I love love love this idea. The books look fantastic! I think I might do this from now on to document my year in photos.



  • gretchen - Hey Ashley–Do you edit all the pics that go into the album? Do you use different actions or keep it consistent? Do you mind touching on this? (I think you might have addressed this in our workshop)
    Thank you so much…
    Signed, Guilty (all pics are on my computer)

  • Marcie - I’m working on my first blurb book this year and I would love to know: Have you printed on the pro paper as well? I would love a comparison — it’s about a $30 difference and I’m interested since you say you were really happy with the standard paper. Thanks!

  • Suzette - In the picture of Little One pointing at her cleft, I am reminded of how far she has come. Not physically but emotionally…remember how she used to study her hands? How fortunate she is that she has gone from a world where her hands were the most interesting thing to a world teeming with life and people and experiences! Someday she will appreciate her book containing her amazing story!

  • Ashleigh Blatt - Thank you so much for sharing this (and so many other posts)! You are always an inspiration. I learned from you a while back to ditch the not-so-great photos on a monthly basis and am hoping this will help getting the annual books done in the near future.
    Thank you again Ashley! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  • Emily - I think I’ve called you inspirational about a bajillion times, but seriously- I just had an epiphany and I have you to thank for it! Thank you!

  • Kat - I love these photo books. I’ve done a few books before and they are so fun to build and then look through later on!
    I was wondering how you got started with photography. I so badly want to capture so many things, but feel so inadequate and overwhelmed. I have a P&S camera, but really want a DSLR. It’s hard to justify buying one, since I never use my actual camera, just my phone, but really there’s not a ton of difference between the 2 at this point 😛 When did you start using DSLR? Was it easy to get used to? Did you start on manual mode or did use automatic for awhile?
    Also, do you use lightroom or photoshop to edit? Would you recommend one over the other? I received photoshop as a gift one year, and figured I’m good enough with computers to use it. HA! I am not as good as I thought, that stuff is complicated! Is lightroom easier to learn?
    Sorry for all the questions!

  • Kristina L - As a busy, busy mama of a 17-month-old and 2-month-old, it bothers me every day that I am so behind with pictures. (Still working on 2010.) I have the ongoing goal of making a yearly book of highlights, but I struggle to simply keep up with the upload/edit/backup to my photo website process, let alone finding time to actually work on a book.

    I’m experimenting with doing Project Life for a year, but am not 100% sold on that either. I thought I could keep the PL book on the kitchen counter and do a page here and there as I found a minute or two. But I like the thought of going back to printed photo books for making multiple books, and (worst case scenario), if the house ever burned down and I wanted to easily reprint all my books.

    I think blurb may be the solution for me because I remember reading that they have photo book software that you can use offline and then upload your book updates when online later. The occasional family car trip where my husband drives is about the only stretch of photo book time I have! I’ve used and liked MyCanvas, but to my knowledge they do not offer software to work on their photo books offline.

    What’s the exact name of the non-smearing pen you use? Not typing and formatting captions may be part of my “finding the time” solution as well.

    So thanks for the inspiration and tips! If you can finish yearly photo books with five kiddos, I should be able to find a way to make it work! I totally agree with you that family stories and memories are the fabric of family bonding. I spent hours paging through family photo books with my siblings when small, and we are ultra close. My husband often comments on how many memories my siblings and I have retained.
    It’s so important to me to provide the same for my kids.

  • Chelsea Ward - Your books look amazing, blurb is fantastic! I’m going to use them to self publish my first children’s book this year. Love the results from them.

  • tasha - this is so awesome!! i scrapbooked for AGES and i am over it! over having 10 albums for one year and never getting looked at. these are perfect for our family!!! off to get working on mine!!

  • christina larsen - I need to do this!! I need to do an adoption one for Olivia and just photos for my family. Ugh! I want to accomplish this in 2014! Thanks for the tips and info.

  • the whyte house - I LOVE Blurb. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I make books for every military retirement that I shoot for that member and I always recommend their site to everyone. I’ve done all of my yearbooks and gift books through them. I love our big books(mine are always on the standard paper, too, due to their size!)and I’m so glad we have them as keepsakes. I end up making my own layouts in PSE and use the multiple squares for instagram or photos that weren’t perfect, but captured perfect moments that I don’t want to forget. I hadn’t purchased two copies til last yr and I have to say, I like that idea. I only have two kids, though. lol. I guess since all of the books you make are saved onto Blurb’s software your kids can print more copies later! 🙂

  • Christi - I love the idea to not add your words! That makes everything seem much easier!


  • Amity - Hi Ashley, this is great info, thank you for sharing it! I hope to be able to do this for my family each year as well. Someday. I have wanted to ask you if could give advice as to how you handle all your photos with each upload to your computer on a regular basis? Do you upload and delete bad ones right away or keep them all? Do you worry about hard drive space ever running out? I am not a professional photographer but I take a ton of photos of our four kids and our daily life. (Someday I hope to take your DSLR course to learn more!) Anyway, the amount of photos I take overwhelms me when it comes to uploading and organizing and keeping them from getting out of control on my computer. OCD is a curse. 🙂 Any advice you have on this task would be awesome! Thank you! And Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  • Dina Farmer - Oh my gosh I love this! I might have to look into this book for the year project I’m doing!

  • Jessica R - I did Blurb for our 2012 book (inspired by you!). My two issues: the software crashes nonstop! I just got a new computer with a huge capacity so it’s not an issue on my end. I really want to use Blurb but I can barely assemble the book.

    Also, maybe you have a tweak for this: I use a DSLR and took SnapShop and use Lightroom. My pictures look plenty vibrant on my screen and when I order photo products, but the Blurb book was slightly grainy and washed out. It didn’t seem to show the quality of the photos used. Any thoughts on how to counteract this? Some setting in Blurb maybe?

    Thank you for the inspiration to do these books! 🙂

  • Victoria - Hi ashley, i know it’s rude to ask but my husband and i are contemplating the idea of starting yealry albums as well… But our main concern is cost wise… Can you gve us a rough estimate of how much money it has costed you? Thanks!

  • Jamie Ivey - I have tried so hard to use BLURB before and have never had success. I’m certain it’s user failure. I need to try again!

  • Connie - I used Picaboo to make a photo book this year thinking that is the one you have used in the past and recommended?

  • Meegan - LOVE this post about BLURB books… I must admit yours are way better looking than mine! so great!

  • Amanda Feste - I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy you posted this. I’ve been making photo books since we got married a little over 3 years ago but I LOVE the idea of the house pictures. So fun to look back on and remember all the good times!!

  • Shanalea - This is so great. I love that you are able to do this. I am so far behind. I like the idea of not putting in text. Perhaps that is what takes too much time for me as well.

  • Karen - Thank you for sharing. I just loved today’s blog. I am going to attempt a book for 2014

  • Joanna - SO beautiful. I love the idea for the adoption book, I will have to do that!

  • tammy - I have to catch up from photos from 2004! Yikes! This is before digital cameras were really accepted….I stupidly waited for my neice to send me HER copy of a photo or two and my photo album waited….then suddenly 9 years later (she still hasn’t given me that photo!!!) I have boxes of photos and digital files of photos all waiting. I never thought I could do those digital books ‘cuz I’d never seen them more than 20-30 pages and that would only be a few weeks worth of our lives, but now I see that it can be BIG!!! You’ve inspired me! Thanks!!!

  • Devon - I LOVE this!!!! We also print out a yearly book from Blurb or Artifact Uprising and yours are completely lovely! I bet little one will forever cherish the one you made!! Happy New Year!

  • bklyn76 - your family is too cute and your photos are beautiful! i too do a yearly blurb book [using over 40 custom layouts!] and love seeing others’ work. your books are gorgeous. i may follow your lead and leave out text and simplify my layouts [love the 2 vert/8 horiz one!] to get 2013 done and start 2014. thank you for sharing!

  • Sarah - I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve been working on my daughters’ baby book for awhile and never really satisfied. Shutterfly limits your page numbers, myPublisher didn’t have all the options I wanted. I wanted to use Blurb, because their covers and examples looked so nice, but I thought they only offered pre-designed ones you had to fill in. I had no idea about their BookSmart program! Thanks!

  • Dawn - Ash, did you have the same paper type with your book on your adoption journey? I mean, it has words and little photos but did you still use photo paper for that book or just the ordinary paper? I am planning on making my own version of this. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  • AmandaK - I haven’t scrapbooked in quite a while due to time – but I love taking pictures. I have been held back on printing them out because I feel like I need a description so we remember.
    Reading your comment was a release! “I do not add text to my books, simply because I would never finish them if I tried to add text. I figure it is better to have the book with no text than to have no book at all.”
    I’m going to just DO IT!

  • alix - I love your decor in your house and I always look at your blog and get inspiration. I saw your post about your chalkboard, but I am going to do that fun banner you have with your chalk board. Can you do a closer picture of it. And how did you make your rosettes. It looks like leather.

  • Keshia - I love, love, love your yearly photo books. I love your blog equally as much. You are the reason I’ve started blogging (well I’ve had a personal blog for years now) and recording the details of our life. We are a family of 7 too.

  • hannah - I want to thank you for posting the details of your book. I do a yearly book via Lightroom & Blurb for my daughters, but have really gotten hung up on adding text or keeping it under a certain amount of pages.

    I too have lots of images to sort though each month and reading your post gave me permission not to get bogged down by only choosing the images I LOVE. Sometimes its important to add those images that mean more than a crisp and beautiful picture.

    I’m plowing and cranking through and picking up speed.

  • AshleyAnn - Alix – the large rosette is from http://www.etsy.com/shop/valeriepaperie

  • AshleyAnn - Dawn – that book was over 300 pages too, so it was just the standard paper too, so I guess it was a photo paper

  • AshleyAnn - Victoria – both of my books were over 300 pages. Combined it cost about $185, with a 25% discount. I did BIG books – big in size and in page number. I don’t print pictures very often. The family book has countless images sized 12×12, 8×10, 5×7…and lots around the 4×6 size. I feel like it is a good price considering how much it would cost me to print all those pictures individually.

  • AshleyAnn - Jessica – I have not had that issue. I would contact Blurb. They have pretty good customer service and might be able to help you remedy the issue. Sorry I am not any help on that.

  • AshleyAnn - Amity – I wrote a post on that a LONG time ago. It is buried in the depths of this blog now. Here is a link:

    I still do basically the same method.

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  • tara - I just ordered 3 blurb books because of another post that I found on your site during december about blurb.

    My books were around 50 pages each, and the cost was crazy high, but i LOVE my books…like LOVE them.
    I can’t IMAGINE what you spent on 250 pages!!!
    well worth it for sure…priceless actually.

    I did family albums for 2011, 2012 and 2013.
    Now, I have to finish 2008, 2009, and 2010.
    I think I might check into that blurb booksmart software..did it cost anything? I think I just used their basic software maybe?? I was able to change the layouts, though.

    anywho, love your books…they’re absolutely beautiful.

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  • Jinia - These books, especially on the adoption journey, are amazing. Ours are sitting on the hard drives and in boxes ..although we visit them, we only do so when it is convenient to get to them. You have certainly inspired me and I absolutely know what to get everyone for Christmas next year. Thank you for sharing so much of yall lives with us greedy readers!

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  • Jenni - Is there anyway to share your custom-made templates for the books? I’ve made some of my own, but I feel like I can’t get precise measurements and positions for the photos, and I’m worried that if I use them, they won’t look good when printed. Also, it throws me off to have templates only usable for the right side of the page or left side. Can you share yours?

  • AshleyAnn - Jenni – I am sorry, I have no idea how to share those.

  • Krissy Gape - Love your ideas! Is there a way to view your books on blurb? I have been stumped on how to put together a year in review album because I didn’t want it to look hodge podgy. I think by month is perfect, but I would still like to have a sneak peek! Feeling inspired!

  • Dawn - I stay at home with my son and also watch a friend’s daughter who will be one next month. I’m always taking picture of them but the parents don’t want me to post their daughter on Facebook or to send all the files via email. So you’ve inspired me to make her a book for her birthday!!!this will be such a great way to show them all the fun we’ve had throughout the year!

  • Mara - Hi Ashley! Thank you so much for inspiring me to work on our albums. I linked back to this amazing post on our blog today!

  • Mara - I put together lots of tips and step-by-step instructions on how I made our albums in hopes it might help others still working on designing their books.


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  • ElizabethH - AshleyAnn- You said you paid $185 total for 2 12×12 books, including the 25% discount? I looked up pricing on blurb.com and a 300 page book is $178. 25% off would be $133. Two books at $133 would be $266, no where near $185. And if you make it a 350 page book, it’s $200 ($150 w/discount), which for two books would be $300. Do you know how you got two 300+ books for only $185 total? I just made a 440 page book (in fact, I need to cut a ton of pages out since I still have a month’s worth of photos left (250) to fit into my 2013 favorites book) and was sticker shocked by the $480 price tag for two books. Help! 🙂

  • JennieB - Hello Ashley,

    I had a quick question for you about the photo books. I have a 6 and 3 yr old. I have been a hobbyist photographer. I have a million photo’s of our children and family on externals etc. I like the idea of doing these books yearly from this year forward and starting books for the years past. My question is do you have any recommendations/tips for doing the books. I did not know if you should try and do a book of each of my children’s first year and then a family book for the years in between hmmm any advice you have would be greatly appreciated

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