DIY page update & Christmas card contact photos

Many moons ago, I updated the DIY page of this blog.

Many moons ago.

Last night’s moon beckoned me to get things updated again. There are a ton of updates that need to happen on this blog, kind of like all the closets in my house that need to be tackled. Instead of trying to overhaul everything at once, I’m just going to do little parts at a time. So, the DIY page is looking new and crowded. I probably need to further organize the categories, but it will work for now.


You can access the DIY page by clicking on the gray ribbon icon on the far left of the screen or by clicking here.

And in honor of that DIY page update, I thought I’d re-post a timely idea from two years ago…..

Christmas card contact photos.

Friends probably don’t send you cards with photos they don’t like. And friends can be hard to get to pose for photos. If you are a visual person like me, you probably like having a photo to go with your contacts on your phone…so here you go.

Hey there sister, will you pose so I can take a picture of you with my phone to add to your contact?
12.12phone-03Well, thank you sis for being so cooperative.

Yes, it is a great shot. Nope we don’t need to take it again.
12.12phone-04It brightens my day to see your cute laugh each time you call.

12.12phone-05Happy DIY-ing to you!

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