the girls room { a tour }

The boys share a room.

The girls share a room.

At this point, I don’t think any of them would know what to do if they ever had to sleep in a room alone.

Last time I decorated a girl bedroom, I was pregnant with FireCracker so I got to do exactly what I wanted. This round was a lot different. My parents always let my sister and I express our personalities in how we decorated. I wanted my girls to feel a little ownership over their room and be part of the process of decorating it. There are things that may not be my favorite, but I have two girls that seem to really love their little getaway from the boys. My oldest daughter had VERY STRONG opinions about how she wanted to decorate her room. She excitedly helped me every step of the way. It will be interesting to see her little sister’s opinions emerge in the coming years. Interesting and probably a whole new challenge!

I will just post pictures and then include links at the end.



It is a pretty small room. There are still things I want to add to the wallpaper wall and near their beds. Honestly if I wait until I finish those things, I’d never get a tour posted here. Not to mention, Little One will probably be exerting her opinions more by the time I get around to finishing this room. Then it will be time to start over anyway. And, yes, I know changing their room is probably more from my need for change than theirs!

Here are the links to some of the stuff, if I left anything out, just ask…

Blankets: one is a weighted blanket made by my mom, the matching comforters were a gift

Dolls on the blue chair: Sweet Littles Handmade

Beds: from IKEA, we added the washi tape

Sheets: from Target

Play Kitchen: I bought from a local antique store

Cow Canvas: from my friend Meg…she has so many cute ones, go look now! The cow is still my favorite though.

Wallpaper: vintage, I bought it from The Classic Butterfly

Curtain: Amy Butler fabric Lotus Full Moon in tangerine

Brothers print: custom made by my sister

Cradle: my grandpa made for me when I was little, I repainted it

Yellow Doily blanket: made by the talented Elizabeth

Rocking horse: my grandpa made me when I was a little girl

Teach Me To Be Brave print: HeartBox Studio

Floors: pine from Lumber Liquidators, we painted it white, when I added the sealer coat, it brought out the wood grain. Most likely I didn’t clean good enough and it pulled out the sawdust. Happened by mistake, a mistake I am glad I made.

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  • danielle - That is so cute! Love the cow print!

  • Sophie - WOW! What a room! I’d never want to leave it… Love the cow canvas and I just adore your friends gorgeous shop! Thanks for letting us in on that 🙂 I’m in the midst of redecorating my girls’ room too. Lots of inspiration here.

  • Mary - I love the girls room!! It’s so bright and cheery and colorful!! Very inviting! I love the floors! I have noticed them in other pics and wondered about them. Thanks for the tour…and for sharing links!

  • k a t y - Such a great space, Ashley. I love that you can see the wood grain through the finish on the floor. It’s the perfect balance of fun/order/interest.

  • Erica Baker - Adorable! I can’t get enough of that vintage playset. What a lovely room.

  • Bambi - That looks lovely- and so sunny!

    Here in Germany it’s all rainy all day, so we’re trying hard to remeber sunnier days:

    Have a wonderful day,

    Bambi and Birdy

  • Samantha Lee - This is, hands down, the cutest room I have ever seen. I’d live it for heaven’s sake! Amazing job 🙂

  • Hannah - I’m so glad you mentioned the floors! I was dying to know how they looked so white but still had the knots, now I know! I love them. What a happy accident!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I love this! My parents let me staple cards I had been given all over the walls. I’m sure it drove my parents nuts, but I loved my room.

  • Izzy - What a sweet little room, I love the way all the different colours make it look really fun and cheerful!

  • Emily - Such a fun room! You always inspire me to decorate 🙂

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - Such a fun room for two fun little girls. I love the mix of vintage and new and especially the fact there’s lots of floor space for playing around.

  • Amy @Fig Milkshakes - Beautiful! I love how you do the home tour with the girls in it! That’s a home right thar! The kids gotta be in it. 😉

  • Amy @Fig Milkshakes - What a fun room! I love how you do the home tour with the girls in it! That’s what turns it from a house tour to a home tour. Clever you. 😉

  • Laura - Love all your ideas and decor. Your friend meg is mighty talented! Love her stuff too. As always, thank you for sharing.

  • Amy @Fig Milkshakes - Ooops! Thought it didn’t post the first time around. Sorry about the bombardment!

  • tracy a - I just can’t get over that cow print. I love it. So much. And your rocking horse turned book shelf is so cute! Well done friend! Love those girls!!

  • noel@tibaultandtoad - I shared a room with my sister on and off growing up, oftentimes by choice! So many wonderful conversations were had when we were older, in the dark, falling asleep. It’s a special thing!

  • Maureen - Love the room, so cute. I got a kick out of the letter E’s because I have a few for my 17 year old son Emmett in his room. But being a 17 year old boy, he doesn’t share the same decorating/junking passion. The last time I bought an old one, he said, “Let’s cool it on the E’s, I think I have enough!” Made me laugh. Love peeking into your life, thanks for sharing.

  • Taylor - Ashley do you remember the exact name if the pine from lumber liquidators?? It’s so perfect!!

  • Katie - What a colourful, cheery little girls’ room! I love that it can suit them at any age, and the personal touches are everywhere. I adore the amount of “LOVE” that is evident in this room. Lovely!

  • Cindi - Love it! Did you white wash the floors or straight white paint?

  • AshleyAnn - Taylor – it was the cheapest bare pine they had. We’ve watched for them to carry it again, but haven’t seen it in a long time. Pine is a soft wood, so it dings really easy – which is what I wanted. We got it when they were running a special.

  • AshleyAnn - Cindi – just straight white paint

  • AshleyAnn - Amy – the girls tend to follow me everywhere! I don’t think I could be alone in their room unless they weren’t home! Thank you 🙂

  • Elizabeth Beattie - Oh Ashley!!!!! It’s amazing!! Just perfect!!! Thank you so much for linking to my blog with regards to the sunny yellow doily blanket. It just makes me so happy to see it in their room. 🙂 My family might be moving to Tulsa, OK this year. You are literally the ONLY person I know that lives in OK and we have never met! I know you are super busy but if you have any suggestions on best schools, etc… I would be so grateful. I am really nervous because one of my daughters is autistic. I don’t even know if you live anywhere near Tulsa. 🙂 No worries, if you don’t have time. Take care!



  • Crystal - Ashley, is the teal picture frame an Organic Bloom? If so, do you sell them or have someone you purchase them through?

  • nicoline - Love the girls room!!!
    On a different note, around christmas time, I remember you posting about letting the kids choose from different catalogs something they would like to support finacially in a third world county. I love the idea for my own kids, so I wanted to request some catalogs for this christmas. Where did you get them from?

    Thanks for being a daily inspiration, and for the ‘color’ that you bring to my ‘mommy’ filled life through your pictures 🙂

    Much love to your whole crew,

  • Maureen - This post gave me my smiles for the day, thank you! Just wondering, what were the things for Firecracker and for Little One, that were most important and/or most inspired?

  • Laura@Ms Smartie Pants - Adorable, reminds me of my childhood! And seeing the E above the bed just made me realize we don’t know their names, I always think of them as firecracker and little one 🙂

  • Jenn - How do the girls handle the bunk bed? It seems your firecracker is quite the acrobat, but has there been any issues? (just trying to get an idea if bunk bed would work for my kids)

  • Eva - What a beautiful room for the girls to share. So many special touches. So bright and airy. I wish I had a room like that when I was a little girl. So much love inside of it.

  • Gina - Such a sweet space where I am sure many happy memories have been and will be made 🙂

  • Bianca - I love your pictures! I think this post is amazing because show how much creativity your whole family have!
    Bianca from Italy

  • AshleyAnn - Crystal – it is from Lollywood Frames, but I think they only do wholesale orders. They were a sponsor on my blog a while back.

  • AshleyAnn - Nicoline – We have used ‘gift cataglogs’ from Samaritan’s Purse, Compassion International, World Vision, International Justice Mission

  • AshleyAnn - Maureen – FireCracker had an opinion about EVERYTHING. She and I talked about everything before I purchased it – the bed, wallpaper, washi tape, pictures. She was especially determined that the dolls and cradle be under the window and not in the closet (where I tried to put them). Little One mainly was firm that her blankets and Lamb had to be on her bed 🙂 Everytime I put them in a basket, she’d pull them back out and put them on her bed. She didn’t express much opinions on the other stuff.

  • AshleyAnn - Jenn – the bunkbeds have been perfect for my girls. We haven’t had any issues. They both really like them. We didn’t have a lot of options though. A full bed or two twins won’t physically fit in the room! FireCracker is a thrill-seeker, but we discussed bed rules and she has followed those fine.

  • Butterfly Mama - This is such a sweet perfect room! I love how you managed the smaller scale space & noticed the simple storage solution under the bed, can tell me what containers you used? They are barely noticable & I love it – I have a very small home and with a child, there never seems to be enough storage, but I can never find affordable simple stylish containers – thanks!

  • katy - Their room is adorable!! I love that Miss F wants to be such a part of it! Would it maybe be ok if I shared your picture of the dolls on IG?? I fully understand if you would rather not 🙂

  • AshleyAnn - Katy….ahhh I meant to include a link!! I will add it now. Yes, you can use the photos. So sorry!!

  • Antoinette - This room is absolutely adorable! I follow you on instagram and love your pictures with your family and just of your everyday life. I was on the “at home” section of a beautiful mess and saw more pictures of your beautiful home. I absolutely love the photo wall!!!! That is such a wonderful idea and a great way to see lots of photo memories all the time! I love it!!!! I wanted to ask you what you used to stick the pictures above your “fake” fireplace? 🙂 I am definitely going to do this! Thanks for sharing all of your creativity!!

  • elizabeth H - LOVE it all so much!! such a happy, colorful room … overflowing
    w. joy! where did you get the larger doll …the one in the bucket w. brown hair?!

  • Anastasia - Thank you Ashley! What a wonderful room ideas, I can’t wait to try a few things in my little one’s room 🙂 So many great things and tricks to brighten up the place! You are very inspiring.
    One question I have is on the colorful “cover up” (which looks like one to me)? You have it hanging under the yellow doily blanket in the pictures? What is it? Its so colorful and beautiful….I believe you have FireCracker wearing it in a few of other posts? Please share ))))

  • ellen patton - What a cool room. 🙂

  • Zainab - That’s a very beautiful room. I can’t stop looking at the cute little stuff in it. May I please know where you got the doll in the red dress from? Thanks 🙂

  • Tré Cavil - Very creative. Love the wood floors and the colors you have in the room.

  • Stephanie Kirk - Looking at getting those Ike’s bunks. How are they holding up for you? Also did you use a regular mattress or the ikea ones? Thanks

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