Art with Kids {Leonardo da Vinci}

First, I want to thank all of you that participated in the Embrace the Camera challenge last week. If you get a chance, you should scan through the Instagram hashtag – so many beautiful images shared. It was really fun to see so many pictures of you all with the ones you love and doing the things you love. Thank you for being a part of it! My last picture for the challenge was with my 7 year old. I told him I need a picture of “faces”. We were next to each other trying to make similar faces, then he said, “I bet you can’t make this face mom. You have too many teeth!”

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Four little artists working and one little toddler downing a smoothie. This is a very every day moment around here….lots of smoothies, that is.

The kids and I spent a little time talking about Leonardo da Vinci last week. We talked about several of his inventions and works of art. Back in my art class days, I remember my art teacher sharing with my class The Last Supper. Then she had us each create our own version of the masterpiece with different characters. The kids and I talked a lot about the original and some of da Vinci’s story behind its creation.


Then we talked about how many of the most iconic works of art are often replicated in a new and different way.  They know the Biblical story represented in da Vinci’s The Last Supper. After we talked about the significance of the painting, we stepped away from that to simply make art. The kids took da Vinci’s painting as inspiration to create a similar drawing of guests at a dinner table. They really had a great time with it, so if you are looking for a random art project to do with yours kids….mine soaked this one up.


She is usually in and out of her seat and then in and out of the lockers.


She said she wanted to make her’s exactly like the original. I love her little mind.


He used the characters from Super Mario Brothers.


And naturally, this guy’s was a flock of birds outside at a table. His creativity with this made me a little giddy.


And my oldest chose to have 7 people and six fictional characters.


I want art to become personal and alive for my kids. This week we are going to tap on another old art class project….taping paper to the underside of a table to draw while we talk about Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. My art teacher had us actually paint laying on our backs. I think I’ll stick to markers and non-dripping mediums!

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