diy {dinner questions jar}


Well I’m not really crafting much these days. Actually, I started making a weighted blanket for Little One two weeks ago. The online tutorial I found looked so simple. And it is simple, but I just can’t manage to finish it. Someday. I did, however, do a mini-craft last night. We’ve tried different kinds of dinner conversation starters before, but they were too complicated for little kids. My friend Jamie told me about a list of questions she found on Pinterest that worked really well, so I added searching for those to my mental list of things to do.

BUT…I found myself at Target near the party supplies. And tucked on the clearance shelf were a bunch of little cans of “confetti conversation starters”. I shook them around to get an idea of the questions and they seemed like they’d work. I did remove some of the questions (‘heels or flats?”, “would you go back to high school?”, nothing inappropriate, just stuff that wouldn’t make sense to my kids).


Crazy simple craft. I used supplies I had on hand to decorate a jam jar from my cabinet and put the confetti conversation starters inside.


I placed it on the picnic table outside before dinner. A couple of the kids were immediately digging through it and asking each other questions.

My kids love conversation prompts. Sometimes we each answer our own question. Other times I pull one question and we all answer it. Chris is really good at getting the kids to elaborate. Instead of just saying “summer is my favorite season”, Chris gets them to explain the ‘whys’ behind their answers. It is a fun way to understand them better and to keep the potty humor at dinner at a minimum.


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