diy {dinner questions jar}


Well I’m not really crafting much these days. Actually, I started making a weighted blanket for Little One two weeks ago. The online tutorial I found looked so simple. And it is simple, but I just can’t manage to finish it. Someday. I did, however, do a mini-craft last night. We’ve tried different kinds of dinner conversation starters before, but they were too complicated for little kids. My friend Jamie told me about a list of questions she found on Pinterest that worked really well, so I added searching for those to my mental list of things to do.

BUT…I found myself at Target near the party supplies. And tucked on the clearance shelf were a bunch of little cans of “confetti conversation starters”. I shook them around to get an idea of the questions and they seemed like they’d work. I did remove some of the questions (‘heels or flats?”, “would you go back to high school?”, nothing inappropriate, just stuff that wouldn’t make sense to my kids).


Crazy simple craft. I used supplies I had on hand to decorate a jam jar from my cabinet and put the confetti conversation starters inside.


I placed it on the picnic table outside before dinner. A couple of the kids were immediately digging through it and asking each other questions.

My kids love conversation prompts. Sometimes we each answer our own question. Other times I pull one question and we all answer it. Chris is really good at getting the kids to elaborate. Instead of just saying “summer is my favorite season”, Chris gets them to explain the ‘whys’ behind their answers. It is a fun way to understand them better and to keep the potty humor at dinner at a minimum.


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  • Avenlea - Yes, if we can keep potty talk at a mimimum it is good!

  • shayna - brilliant! thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Jess - Very cute. Over the summer we got in the habit of asking our kids about their days and adding questions like what were 3 things you’d love about today, what is something you’d do differently, what would you like to do again, etc. Without those leading questions, we end up with 1 word answers!

  • Big D & Me - We love conversation cards over here. In fact, we are selling Halloween and Christmas Conversation Cards and Lunchbox Jokes as a fundraiser for our adoption.

    If you have a moment, please take a look. We have cards that you can download as a PDF files and ones that are sent through the snail mail.

    My cards are in a plastic bucket, definitely inspired by your jar to make mine prettier.

  • stephany - I love this!
    We always ask each person what their favorite part of the day was…I’m going to remember to ask “why” that was their favorite part of the day, too!

  • Samantha Kakac - Love this! This would be great for my Bible Study. The first meetings are always “get to know you,” for first timers, these questions would be great!

  • cassi - We do this with our daughter during dinner and I am always amazed at her answers

  • Betsy Childs - This reminds me of when I took my niece to the American Girl restaurant. They had a deck of conversation starters. After we discussed a few of them, Elizabeth (5) came up with her own. She asked me, “Did Judas go to heaven, hell, or the Red Sea?”
    I don’t the the American Girl Place will be adding that one to their conversation starters!

  • Izzy - I love the simplicity and cuteness of that jar!

  • Cory - Such a fun idea!

  • Nicoline - Love the idea!!!! Any chance you would like to post Jaimie’s list or evenore of yours?

  • Molly - haha limit the potty talk 🙂 that made me laugh. love this idea!!!

  • Debbie C - Love this idea! Esp since it involves a trip to Target…not that I need a reason to go. 😀

  • Libby Larson - Ashley I left you a huge long comment under your Katie daisy post. I am leaving a week from today to go to china with my sister to pick up my neice!! If you could give me a few tips on the best way I can support my sis and Maya I would LOVE it! Is there anything you brought with you that you were like “I am so thankful I brought this it was so helpful” 😉 any advice would be appreciated. I always look forward to your blog!!! Blessings, Libby

  • AshleyAnn - Libby – Here is a post with more information than I could ever compile!

    I hope you have an incredible trip!

  • AshleyAnn - Nicoline – I don’t have Jamie’s list, I am guessing you could do a google search for more ideas. Here is a link from a quick search I did:

  • Lisa - I made a weighted blanket for my 4 year old. She loves it and it helps her calm down! Hopefully you can get it made soon and it will help Little One with whatever issue she is having.

  • amanda - so cute + fun
    I can imagine the little giggles and chatter around your table!!

  • Kirsten - would you mind sharing the tutorial you found for the blanket? i’ve been wanting to try one with my son.

    (and i love your jar – so easy but so helpful!)

  • Hannah - I love this idea, thanks for sharing!

  • elizabeth H - i always forget that i want to make these up . . .
    often times dinner is just a loud mess {no “real” conversation}
    maybe i’ll just check @ Target. sigh.

  • Stephie - Please share the WEIGHTED BLANKET tutorial (if you find it works). My daughters therapist recommends we try one for my daughter but they are so expensive online. Thanks!

  • Bon@ A Golden Afternoon - I love this idea. It’s exciting to pass on awesome communication skills to our kidddos in such a fun way. Well done, mama.

  • Renee - Oh I love this idea! How adorable! Will be doing that for our next family gathering 🙂

  • Lili Tankersley - Would you mind sharing your weighted blank DIY link? Your crafts are always adorable!!

  • meg duerksen - please share your favorite dance move next time we eat together. i will be working on mine.