we started the day over

Yesterday morning was rough.

Kids got up early and ‘interrupted’ my coveted morning solace ~ cue my selfishness.

We started school and no one was listening to me ~ cue my diminishing patience.

One boy climbing on table. One flicking the other in the forehead ~ cue my growing frustration.

Little One crying because I wouldn’t let her play with scissors ~ cue my stress growing.

I separated them all out and told them to listen to some memory work on cd while I took 2 minutes to get our science project ready. I was gone less than two minutes. When I came back FireCracker had gotten out my ink pad and smeared it all over her and her new dress. I sat down the ‘science project’ (turkey and apples) to go clean her up. When I returned the boys had decided to eat the science project without asking. I was so frustrated. My body language, my expressions, my tone of voice were all clear indicators that I was not happy.

The reality is the morning was more a reflection on me – on what happens when I don’t get enough sleep and let myself get overwhelmed…when I try to do it all in my own strength my fuse is very short. FireCracker was just trying to make a picture and the boys thought it was snack for them.

The kids apologized. I apologized. We started the day over.

I share that because if you only looked at pictures from my day yesterday, you’d think all we do is paint and play with chickens in total harmony. We don’t. When boys are eating science projects and girls are painting their bodies in stamp ink – I’m usually doing damage control instead of taking pictures. Yesterday, after the apologies, I decided to capture moments of our day. It has been a while since I kept my camera out all day and did that. Both SnapShops are starting Sunday, so I wanted to update some of the courses…so I captured moments of our day with my dslr. It was good for me. Photography always helps me see the beauty in my days….even days that begin in frustration and a lack of grace.


Notice Little One’s tousled hair – she had just got whack with a wing and was telling the chicken “no”.





Checking for eggs. It never gets old. Of course, it has only been a month.


I told him to give her some privacy.



Dress number #3 of the day. Thankfully the ink came out of the other one.


Their brothers play football. Obviously. FireCracker can’t wait until next fall so she’ll be old enough to play flag football.


Look at the little hands waiting on the ball to be hiked to him….should have shot this as a vertical so I didn’t crop off her head.


All. The. Time. Yesterday I got hit in the face with both the football and the arrow. I need a football helmet for self protection.


When the Arctic Cat isn’t charged, she’ll climb in the back and wait for one of her brothers to come push her around the yard.


Parenting is hard. Some days are harder than others. I am learning more and more how I really set the tone in my home. The saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”….so true. Sometimes I need to take a ‘time-out’ and calm down. I want my home to be full of joy, life, grace, patience, and fun. I want to be a mom full of those things and set that tone in my family. And maybe I’ll just avoid using edible materials for future science projects….

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