stripes, fabric and guests

When we built the ‘studio’ last year, we kind of built as we went. It really isn’t a ‘studio’, I just call it that so the boys won’t start calling it a man cave and taking it over. If I brainwash them at a young age that it is “Mom’s Studio” maybe I’ll have better luck when they are older and want to take it over with their stuff. Anyway, when we built it we originally planned a little nook up top. It was only going to be big enough for a mattress and we’d use a ladder to get up there. Our neighbor/friend/framer suggested we go ahead and make better use of the space by opening it up. So we did.

We are turning the loft area into a space for guests. It is amazing how many times we’ve already been able to use it to host others – even when it was far from ‘ready’. Thankfully our guests never minded the in-construction look. I painted the floors white last spring, but was not able to seal them before we had a guest come stay. After months of wear and tear with no top coat they were not so white and pretty.

I finally got a new white coat on and decided to add some stripes.

I got the first coat for the strips on and decided they were way too dark. So, I mixed the white and grey (more parts white) and added another coat.

The mattress and box springs have been on the floor for a couple months while I’ve been searching for an affordable bed frame. Queen bed frames are really hard to find! I found one on Craigslist and decided to paint it pale yellow.

Once I got it inside, I realized I didn’t do a very good job with the paint and had to come up with another plan. I’ve been purging every room of our home and had lots of fabric on hand, so fabric wrapping the bed it was.

I cut the strips about 1 inch wide and just started wrapping. I used hot glue to glue the fabrics on top of eachother as I went and tied it tightly to the bed. I didn’t seal or glue the fabric to the bed that way I can remove it easily when I want a change. Which I will. I’m always changing my mind. I’ve already changed plans in this post 6 times (white floor, stripes, dark grey, light grey, yellow bed, fabric bed). Putting the fabric on it permanently is not wise for me.

Here’s the view from laying in the bed…you can wake up to see the chickens.

And the view looking over the railing.

And the view from downstairs looking up.

We didn’t need this space to be able to host others in our home. But, I sure am grateful we have it and we hope to use it LOTS for others. We started a guest book in January. My hope is that over time that guest book will be filled with the names of old friends and new friends. I think it will be a beautiful account in the years to come for our family. One day we’ll look back and remember all the times we were given the gift of getting to welcome others in our home.

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  • Avenlea - I love this post! Your creativity is amazing, and your hospitality is mind-blowing! You are a great example to everyone.

  • Mary - Love your studio! As always, I’m inspired by your creativity…inspires me to ‘try’ to be more creative! How blessed your guests will be!!

  • Dawn - I thought white walls are boring! Hahaha turned out to be relaxing and highlights your colored crafts. Nice!

  • Bea. - Love the bed! Don’t change it! I’ve never seen anything like it.

  • Birdy & Bambi - I really love your studio. It is bright and colorful! And it is amazing how much you get done with 5 kids. It really is stunning!

    I hope a lot of wonderful people are staying in and enjoying this happy guest room!

    Love from Germany and the fat-cat-connection

  • Kimberly @ Turning It Home - I love this space. I also change my mind more times than I’d like to admit. It was smart on your part not to glue the fabric down (even though it’s beautiful)! I think changing minds keeps things interesting, don’t you?!

  • Molly - Love the space!! I am a very slow and trial and error designer. Sometimes that is what it takes to make a beautiful space:) And it is fun too.

  • Sarah - This is a beautiful space. If I had the land, I would build a studio just like this one. It reminds me of my great uncle’s house, where I have many found memories. Thank you for sharing the pictures! It warmed my heart just thinking of him!

  • Cheryl - Oooooohhh! Love the bed with all that colorful fabric. Nothing short of genius, again! Thanks so much for sharing! Maybe I can attempt this one day in my daughters room.

  • Amanda - it’s absolutely amazing.

  • Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis - I have no doubt that whoever stays in that studio or even just walks through the doors will be blessed. It was made with love and filled with love and you can feel that in the pictures. Would love to be able to stay there one day!

  • kiley - What a lovely, comfy space for you and your family. I’m sure your guests feel comfortably spoiled and loved!!! 🙂

  • Christine - oh…..i love your studio!!
    I am so sad, that you don’t live “around the corner” 😉
    otherwise I would come to be your guest 😉

    greetings from switzerland

  • stephany - This space is beautiful, inviting, and full of whimsical touches. Just perfect for sharing with family and friends!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Girl- I love this bed! Never in a million years would I have thought to wrap a bed in fabric. Brilliant creative that you are! Y’all go ahead an get the space ready for some crazies from Texas. We can talk garden. Our naturalists can go on adventures. Our husbands can talk about…beards. It will be grand!

  • kelli - It looks fabulous! I LOVE the idea of painting the floor, and the fabric on the bed frame. LOVE it! I wish I was creative, but instead I have to live vicariously through others. This is so fun and welcoming! I know people are blessed when they stay there.

  • Nicole - looks wonderful!

  • Melissa - I must ask, where did you get that ceiling fan? Ours are absolutely hideous and we definitely find that we need one during the summer months as we don’t have A/C.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Ashley, it is such a perfect space. It is happy and restful. You have a true gift at hospitality. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with others!

  • Stacy - Oh my! I would never have thought to wrap a bed in fabric but I absolutely love it! It contrasts so beautifully with the white bedding and looks so colorful and inviting! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - I didn’t realize you had changed your mind six times in this post until you pointed it out! Good idea on not making the fabric wrap too permanent 😉

    I would love to wake up in your studio! What a view.

  • katygirl - looks great, girl!

  • Paige - I love the bed! When I read you were covering it with fabric I wasn’t sure what that would look like. But especially with the white background it looks beautiful! A great shabby chic vintage mix. Very cool. Great job!

  • Amanda - I love how you know not to do something permanently cause you’re going to change it – I’m the same way. It used to drive my husband crazy – now he just knows. Love the bed – such a good idea!

  • haley - I love the fabric wrapped bed!
    your studio looks so relaxing and inspiring.

  • Kelsey - Obsessed with this!

  • kelly rae - lovely-I love the fabric wrapped bed idea.

  • DebZorn - This is a spectacular room. So light and bright – such a genuine reflection of you. Thanks for sharing.

  • amber - Oh my goodness…shoot, forget having people over, just move in! Lol! So, so pretty. And now I want a canopy bed that I can spend hours wrapping fabric on. Peaceful. What an awesome little place that “studio” has become. As if there were any doubts…

  • Heather - Love this space…always have. How many square feet is the studio?

  • Kristin S - I love the studio so much and wish I had your flair for changing things. My mom is visiting and said, “Your mantle has looked the same for 9 years. Time to change!” But I like it that way…

  • Cassie - I love your studio!
    And the fabric covered bed frame!
    And the idea of having a guest book! We don’t host a ton of people, but even just having family write a little something every time they come stay will make for a lovely memento someday!

  • Debbie C - I SOOOO want a studio like yours. LOVE it! Aaahhh!!!!

  • rachel - oh sweet mercy….i love that idea of the fabric on the bed! i really do adore this space! 🙂

  • remaliah - I love your decorating so much! Such a beautiful space in both home and blog 🙂

  • Eva - That bed is awesome, and so are the floors and everything else in the space for that matter!!!

  • AshleyAnn - Melissa – it is from Lowes

  • AshleyAnn - Mandi – Chris loves a good beard discussion. You let me know when you’re coming!

  • shauna - I could totally live in this space.
    Very open and bright.
    I’m currently looking for a house and I can’t find anything that has great sun light.
    This just makes me want to build something.
    But I’m definitely not in a position to do that… Yet.
    When I finally get a home I might have to fly you to Australia to decorate it for me.
    I love the colours you choose in all of your DIYs

  • Rosalind - My parents had a guest book and we loved looking through it as a kid and seeing all the different countries people came from and remembering fun guests with fond memories. Loved seeing your footage yesterday.

  • Silke - This post totally inspired me to be more colourful in my house !
    Thank you for sharing, and for changing your mind so many times 🙂
    Greetings from Belgium!

  • KimB - Love the bed! These painted floors of yours are fantastic! How long does it actually take to do? Is it just a basic plywood underlay ? I’m so wanting to try this in our house. Just need to convince my husband. ????

  • giozi - This room is amazin, love it, you alway do beautiful works.

  • Rachel Sweerin - I L-O-V-E what you did with the bed. I had a quilt and pennant bunting made for my daughter’s room out of a lot of the same fabrics you used. I wrapped an old wire lampshade with the same fabrics and hung vintage spoons in the middle of it to make a mobile for above her crib. Now I want to fabric wrap a bed! Love this SO much.

  • Monica - Ashley, I know you have the instructions to make the wings that Firecracker is wearing. I saw it one, but I can not find it again. Could you please send me the link or comment where I can find it. I will appreciate. I would like to make one for my daughter. Seems great for little girls to play. 🙂

  • debi - Love the bed!! Your ‘studio’ is so beautiful, colorful, and full of love. What a wonderful place to spend time together!

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  • Christina - Just beautiful! Maybe, in the not so distant future, you could think about bringing in a few more mattresses and having overnight workshops of your own… What a perfect space to host small events. Not that you need one more thing to add to your already busy schedule. 🙂

  • Kim - OH. MY. GOD! Wow. I love everything about that room. The light. The floor. The bed. Everything. So pretty. Very well done!

  • Samantha Bartlett - I like your site! Thanks for sharing.

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  • Kelly - I have had a guest book since moving into my own apartment after collage. That one book is now a collection of four – all handmade and different but all the same size. I love them. I love going back and reading the comments. I have gotten a little lax in having people sign our book – will have to be more diligent! Kelly

  • elizabeth H - You & your creativity ~ i LOVE this idea!!

  • Airyckah - Love love love!!! This is something we’re tossing around to so in my oldest daughter’s room ever since you hinted at it a few posts back!

    read about my ideation of her room, where I link up to you, here:

  • Emily - That bed DIY is just wonderful! So cheerful!

  • Jamie Ivey - LOVE how you did the fabric on the bed. 🙂

  • pat griffith - so excited to see 2 of my designs in a room I have decoupaged many beds and I make the hoops with fabric strips for a few music festivals this year I made 2 with hoops 5ft across I used vintage bed sheets for the stage. you have done a beautiful job – your house is lovely.

  • Beth Wells - Hi Ashley!

    I visited your beautiful home for the first time during one of your workshops in 2009. Then, last year, I had the honor of hanging out for the day in your gorgeous studio for Shannon Phillips’ photography workshop! It’s the loveliest space!

    My family and I will be traveling to Tulsa to spend about 4 nights in town the first week of April. I’m sure that you are SUPER picky about the guests you allow in your studio, but if you’re up for hosting us, we’d be ecstatic! My daughter is almost exactly the same age as your youngest and I’m sure they’d have a blast together!

    You probably have people offering to photograph your sweet family all the time, but if your needing some family photos, I’d love to hang out and photograph you all!

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  • Joanna - I found you on pinterest and you have given me inspiration to re do a free metal bed frame for my daughters birthday present. As my arms are already tired from sanding off the dark paint the previous person used to cover up primary paint colors. But now I’m going to use every picture I see of your place as inspiration!

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