our first dozen to give

We are getting eggs! Our 6 original hens are all laying eggs. We have a bunch more that will be laying eggs over the next few months. When we first built the coop, we read in several books you should have 2 egg laying hens for every 1 egg eating person in your family. That would be fourteen hens (once Little One starts eating). We built the coop to hold around 20 hens, though we don’t have that many. One reason I really wanted a big coop and lots of chickens – well, the main reason – was to be able to give eggs away.

I have a couple friends that have given us fresh eggs over the last year and it is such a fun surprise. I just love the idea of sending friends home with a dozen eggs. There are so many days I want to be a more thoughtful daughter, sister, and friend, but I just get overwhelmed with daily tasks of kids, school and work. There is little left over to try to make things for friends and family. At least, that is how I feel most days. BUT…gathering eggs and giving the surplus away…I can do that! We have no aspirations of being real ‘farmers’, but I do aspire to give abundantly. We’re starting with eggs.

The kids have been eating the eggs faster than I can save any right now, so I put them on hold and told them we were saving up to give our first dozen away. My dad was the obvious choice since he built the coop! I’ll be paying him back in eggs for a very long time!

Just a note to say the blue/green eggs are normal…that is just the shell color our Amerucanas lay. So fun!

Thanks Dad!

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  • Kristen - So awesome to be able to share your eggs!! I wanted to ask you……we are planning on raising chickens in the spring……have you had any problems with pests (mice/rats/snakes)? I have read so many different things from some people saying it is a constant problem and others saying they have never had any! Just wondered what your experience was. We live in Ohio, so I know it’s a different region, but I would love to hear how you’ve kept them away or dealt with it. Thanks! Enjoy your eggs! And Happy Anniversary to your family and Little One…….she is just a beautiful blessing.

  • Gillian Hall - Just a thought, why not get half dozen boxes so you don’t have to wait so long to give a them away!

    joke for you:

    Q: what do you call a chicken in a shell suit

    A: An egg!!!! : )

  • Renee - The picture of your Dad with your son brought tears to my eyes. Not only is this a wonderful teaching moment, the closeness and time spent together will be remembered forever. Passing on from one generation to the next. Such a blessing!

  • Debi - I love how you didn’t just give the eggs away, but you made them into a “gift”.

  • Aunt Sandy - That is pretty cool. I have never seen blue eggs. Of course, the pictures you take, and, the way you present them, perfect.

  • Renee - 1. Having chickens to give away eggs is a wonderful idea – so kind and thoughtful. I live in Boston. do you think they allow chicken coops in Boston? 🙂
    2. I LOVE the packaging. That would make the eggs at least 10x more fun to receive. Just lovely.
    3. I am a new reader to your blog, but I just love it. Thanks for writing.

  • Cate O'Malley - What an awesome way to give back!

  • Julia - About a year ago my daughter made a new friend and went over to her house for a Saturday. When I went to pick her up, the mom gave us a dozen eggs. I probably acted a little like I won the lottery, but we became good friends and I still get excited when she gives me fresh eggs. 🙂

  • Claudia - ashley, you’re so creative! where did you get that Pom Pom yarn? I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  • Kelly H. - So creative! Love the presentation. The picture is a nice touch. How fun!

  • Izzy - What a lovely gift! And such a cute way to present them too! Fun!

  • Sarah Wolfe - I love the color of real, fresh eggs… I wonder if anyone has ever taken them to Home Depot to be color matched. A very beautiful and thoughtful gift for sure

  • Becca - Great idea 🙂 Thank you for sharing. It will be fun to give boxes of goodies away when we get our farm 🙂

  • stacey - i wish i had your knack for making any and all things beautiful…love this <3

  • Jenni - What a beautiful little gift. I’ve never seen eggs look so pretty:)

  • elma - Oh chickens are so much fun!! My little ones love to play with ours:) We bought this past spring eight more chicks and two were to be easter eggers but they both are roosters:(
    We give ours eggs away to. So much fun and they are so much better than the ones in the store!!!

  • Jessica - So fun! The eggs are lovely. We really got a kick out of giving away produce from our garden this year. My husband especially was glad to say good riddance to the zucchini!

  • amber - I’ve been on the receiving end of free fresh eggs before, & oh boy was I a happy girl;). They also included some blue green eggs, which my daughter thought was so crazy. But, I’ve never seen such pretty packaged eggs in all my life! So fun…

  • tasha roe - so much fun! what a happy little treat 🙂

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I just got back from the farmer’s market with one dozen eggs – I just love the blue ones! Aren’t they beautiful? LOL.

  • Missy - Thanks for inspiring me to give today!

  • Eva - Well, your father certainly is the obvious choice! lol. And surely you could make a dozen eggs look so pretty!

  • Gwen, The Makerista - How exciting! Sooner than later you’ll have more eggs then you know what to do with!

  • Kristin S - What a wonderful gift! I love receiving home baked/made/laid(?) gifts.

  • Chantel - The blue/green eggs are so cool. It’s like Easter all year round! The whole “There are so many days I want to be a more thoughtful daughter, sister, and friend, but I just get overwhelmed with daily tasks of kids, school and work. There is little left over to try to make things for friends and family.” really resonates with me, it’s so how I feel everyday, and I only have one kid!

  • Lauren - All of your fabrics and trims and bits and pieces are so adorable, always! Do you have a favorite place or two that you find these? Any online (I’m in Colorado, so obviously couldn’t shop locally). Thanks! I SO enjoy your blog!