ode to a shirt

I bought it at Old Navy when FireCracker was less than a month old.

It has served my girls well…it has also been worn for far too many days in children’s hospitals.

A month in traction for a broken femur.

A cleft lip repair.

A cleft palate repair.

But then there were all the other beautiful days it was worn.


First day home from China.


Playing….lots and lots of days playing.

I’m not one to save a ton of stuff, but this is one of those childhood items that I couldn’t just pack away. I decided it needed a prominent place of honor in their room..at least for a little while. Though the shirt reminds me of a lot of hospital stays, it reminds me of so many sweet moments with my girls. Moments that were part of the pain of being in a hospital – moments I will treasure for a lifetime. It will be one of those items that if I get to grow old, I think I’ll look back on it and my memory will be flooded with the joys of the toddler years with my girls.

Funny how a worn out 2T shirt can be become priceless. My little wonder women – beautiful wonders that I just adore.

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