stickers and girls

My girls.

Where you find one, the other is usually close by.

Their friendship is really blooming.

They have their fights over who gets the Barbie toy phone or who gets to sit in a certain chair.

But, they also are pretty crazy about each other.

Little One has a strong love for sunglasses. She prefers to wear them as often as possible. FireCracker put stickers on both their hands and then began using sign language to say “same” to her sister. I love that I had my camera out at that moment – to capture her version of signing. For those wondering, Little One can hear just fine and has normal 2 year old comprehension, but she isn’t talking much. We do some signing to help her have tools for communication while she tackles learning to talk with a lip and palate that no longer have a cleft.

They are a mess together, those two. A beautiful, crazy hair, markers on legs mess. My friends Ashley & Lisa of Lil Blue Boo sent the girls those dresses. They were part of their monthly dress collection. Little One’s came with a watermelon purse. She was carrying it outside and a chicken started chasing her trying to eat the purse. I wish I had my camera on me for that moment. She was laughing so hard and the chicken couldn’t figure out what was going on!

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