floating down the creek

We took a day to go visit one of our favorite creeks – Flint Creek. I’ve grown up going there. Lots of memories of hiking up the creek, jumping off things, camping and fishing. It was Little One’s first time to go anywhere like this. Turns out she is a total creek girl.

All these were taken with my iPhone. I bought a LifeProof case to protect it from water. It worked great for water protection, but every time I call someone they say they can barely hear me. I’m trying to trouble shoot, but it looks like I might be returning it. Bummer. Another bummer is I cropped her hand off in these shots. Her faces are too cute though so I’ll deal with the cropped hand.

My oldest and FireCracker were all for jumping off the cliff/bluff with me. The other boys were more content watching and fishing.

Our family needs days like this. Days that are outside, relaxed, and easy. Days where Chris and I aren’t juggling things or trying to finish up projects/work. Days that provide rest. Days that are a retreat. Chris is currently researching how to drill our own water well, maybe once we get that well drilled we can create our own creek too!

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  • Hannah - I recently purchased a life proof case as well, I returned it within two days because it wasn’t what I had hoped for. I was very frustrated that no one could hear me, how stiff and almost impossible the buttons are to use, and I would some times get hazy pictures because of screen over the camera. I’m just grateful I could return it. So disappointing

  • danielle - This looks like so much fun! My husband grew up in MN and does not trust the murky lakes here. We canoe but we do not usually play. This one looks pretty clear though!

  • Maria - Beautiful photo’s! Brings back great childhood memories!
    I love that one of little one sleeping, it’s like you get a glimpse of what she’ll look like as a teenager!

  • Hannah - My son has a lifeproof case and he doesn’t seem to have any issues with the sound. Maybe you should just try a new one.

  • Lori - We totally love creeking too. Simple, quiet, cool fun and oh…it’s FREE! 🙂

  • Lissa - Wow! Is that cliff as high as it looks!? Our tradition is to canoe, and I think we might be ready to try as a family next year. My 4 yr old just can’t sit still or be dependent yet – I have a feeling we’d be chasing a ton of paddles down the river from him refusing to back down wanting to do it all himself.

  • Jessica R - I would love to find a creek nearby that we can play in. I’m not a super paranoid parent but I would want to find a somewhat safe and clean creek for my daughter – maybe I’ll ask around.

  • Catherine - I mentioned on Instagram how much I would love to find a creek like that near where I live in Minnesota. How would you find one I wonder?? I have tried googling it and there isn’t a list of creeks with public access anywhere. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe I should try Google Earth and just follow a creek somewhere! I grew up around creeks and I am desperate for my kids to enjoy one too. That just looks like the perfect day to me.

  • Agnes - could you tell us where this creek is. Looks really cool, especially rock you can jump from

  • Kim B - Great pictures as always! My husband and I both have the life proof cases and have never had problems with hearing !?!

  • Dawn - Beautiful and so much fun!! I too have many memories of jumping off rocks, tree swinging from growing up…need to put a little of that into my adult life! 🙂

  • Kelsey - That pic of Little One sleeping is breathtaking. And she looks like she could be a teenager!

  • Nicole C - I agree with Maria, I LOVE that photo of Little One laying, it’s so incredibly beautiful. She does look grown up in it too, simply beautiful!

  • Jen Mac - Looks like so much fun and brings back memories of childhood hikes in Arizona. I’d never given much thought to OK before I found your blog. The state tourism board should contract with you. 🙂

  • Tiffany C. - Love the pictures from your relaxed day! *Especially the precious b/w one of Little One asleep– melt my heart!~~ 🙂

  • Mandy J. - My lifeproof does the same thing. Very, very frustrating! Especially since my cellphone is my business and personal phone. So unprofessional to have people saying “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. Are you there? Hello?” Not the impression I want to make. Let us know if you find a better waterproof case.

  • Marsha in OK - WOW! That photo of Little One asleep is breathtaking! I have a soft spot for “sleepy shots,” but this is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. Looks like a fun day, for sure!

  • Kellee - These pictures are great, so much fun! This is proof that stress and life dont always have to have you scrambling. I have been so stressed lately and I feel guilty when it effects the time with my 1 and 6 year old girls..your blog has been my escape and release it reminds me to breath, relax, and enjoy. I can’t thank you enough..

  • Jennifer - My family had a similar time away a few weeks ago. Exploring creeks is one of our all time favorite things to do! Love all the pictures!

  • Emily - My husband has a Life Proof case and has the same problem. He keeps his phone with him at work (he’s a fire fighter) and the case has saved his phone more than once so he’s learned to manage. He keeps the charging port cover open while he’s talking- makes a big difference.

  • Ingrid - Beautiful pics (as always!), that one where Little One is lying down is beyond prefect 🙂

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, where little one is napping is so precious! I love it!

  • Alisa Muir - I adore that photo of little one sleeping. She is such a beauty. It is such a blessing getting to see the changes in her as she is surrounded with love and care.

    I love how you embrace each of your children and their individual personalities…

  • Jessica - the only creeks we have around here are filled with trash! You’re so lucky to have something like that for your kids! My boys would LOVE that!

  • Tracy - I love mylifeproof! Have had no problems with hearing/them hearing me…

  • Hannah Flowers - Ashley, the photo of Little One sleeping is so precious. I can just see her grown up and oh so beautiful!

  • Gwen, The Makerista - Beautiful shots! That one of her sleeping is just lovely. Love the pigtails!

  • Stephanie F - I would love to know how to get there. I live in B.A. and would like to go before school starts. Can you share where to go.

  • Amber - Sleeping picture of Little One is beyond gorgeous! Sleeping beauty’s got nothing on her! 😉

  • traciek - Love the shot of her napping. My husband is a water well driller here in California, ask us any questions!!!

  • Dawn - I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I am praising the Lord with what He has done in your family, especially with FireCracker and Little One–both my favorites! such an inspiration to me and my friends, I have told them about your blog and you wonderful family. 🙂 You encouraged me so much, tho I dont have my own family yet, but in hopes of having one soon, I am considering adoption. God bless! Please write more and post more photos, Thanks!

  • Tiffany - Flint Creek! I did my senior research on water quality of the Illinois River, and a few of our test sites were on Flint Creek. We would sometimes bring our suits and swim in between stops. I love it when I find out other people know about that place, like we are in a secret club!

  • Christina - I’ve yet to be able to visit Oklahoma (on my list as family is in Checotah) and i’ve always had the impression from others it was not a very pretty state, but it always looks beautiful through your eyes. We are full of creeks and waterways here in Washington state, but i’ve yet to find one as perfect as this. It’s so lovely. I went to school for hydrogeology and always kind of thought I might end up there one day, drilling wells and searching for water. Who knows, it might still happen one day [probably over my husband’s dead body ;)].

  • Mya B. - Hello there! Been reading your blog for a little while now. I started while you were still waiting to adopt. I just wanted to say today, that in these pictures your little one really is looking more and more like her brothers and sister! There is definitely family resemblance in the way she smiles, and looks. I think that goes to say how loved and at home she must feel with you. It IS her home, and its so beautiful to see (from an outside perspective) your family grow, to now you have another little sweetie, who is all yours and you are hers, like it was never meant to be anything else! Adoption has been weighing on our minds (my hubby and me) we have 3 kids already, one with special needs, and the question that keeps coming back, is ‘can we really do this?’ ‘is it possible for another little life to come into our home and be…one of us”? That last one sounds strange, but I think you know what I mean. Anyway, I could go on and on, but really I just wanted to say thank you for sharing a little about your story, the highs and lows 🙂 You have a beautiful family!

  • Blair - About the lifeproof case–I have one and LOVE it and have never had complaints. However many of my friends have used them and just pop the bottom tab thing open (where the charger is) when they talk and have said it helps with people hearing them. So that’s something to try before you scrap the lifeproof case or get a new one!

  • Kristin - This day looks like heaven to me!

  • Cassie - Such beautiful pictures and that place looks fantastic! I’m wondering what app you edited the B&W photos with? It doesn’t look like a basic Instagram filter. Thanks!

  • Bree - That picture of Little One feels like a glimpse into what she will look like when she’s all grown up. Gorgeous. Beautiful family!

  • Molly - Oh my! I gasped at that picture of Little One sleeping – what a beauty. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

  • karina westrate - I have not been on your blog in a while since the new addition. What a beautiful family you have! Love the new addition as she as SO adorable! Cute as a button 🙂 Love the diversity of it all! Blessings to you!
    Hab. 1:5

  • Emily - If you love Flint Creek you might want to check out New Life Ranch. Flint Creek runs straight through it. That place is very near and dear to my heart because a huge part of where I am at in my walk with the Lord has to do with influences from that camp. They do summer camp and family camps and retreats, and they are just awesome! Lots of opportunities for families to enjoy hanging out together in the lovely foothills of the Ozarks!

  • Nakina - Hi Ashley. I bought my husband a Lifeproof case a couple years ago and the first one we got was horrible for talking on too. It sounded like it was echoing and you really could not understand him. We exchanged it and the second one worked great and lasted two years. Just thought you might want to know that they seem to have quite a few defective cases, but if you can get a good one they work great.

  • Alexia - Those kids sure are cute! Looks like a fun day at the beach! I just got my kiddos these pink sandals, they love their pink beach sandals!

  • Heather - Ashley, it’s a long shot that you’ll reply, but I’ll have a night between 2 sessions at New Life Ranch next week – taking 2 and picking up 2. Was thinking about taking the kids to Flint Creek! Would you email me and tell me where you guys went to get into the creek? The old blue slide off 412? THANKS!!

  • AshleyAnn - Heather – I am replying here in case someone else has the same question. We parked outside the Flint Creek Park. There is a small parking lot right off the highway (north side of highway). We parked there, then climbed down under the highway bridge..so we ended up south of the highway. This is outside the park, so it is free access. We ‘camped’ out in that area for the day. The ledge we jumped off was down the creek a ways…we floated, walked, swam down the creek to get there and then just returned back up the creek. Main thing is park near the highway and hike south along the creek.