under the water

Those were taken in different pools on different days….thus the changes in color. The pools are also all salt water. We struggle every summer to find goggles that the kids like and want to wear. Any suggestions?

Last summer I tried a LifeProof case and Photojojo scuba gear for underwater shots. For various reasons, they just weren’t a good fit for me. Instead of getting a waterproof case for my phone, we got the kids a point-and-shoot that is also waterproof. It doesn’t take the best photos, but it has been such a good fit for our family. We have a Fuji FinePix XP. I’ve also used an Olympus TOUGH camera and really liked it. The camera is dust proof, waterproof, shock proof and freeze proof. Basically, it is little boy proof. Really though, my kids are pretty careful with it. I only took a couple of the shots above, the rest were by my 7 year old and Chris. Underwater pictures just ooze happy!

P.S. thanks for the comments on Red (our Rhode Island Red chicken). It seems more are on the side that she is a she and not a he. That is very good news to me!

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  • Angie B - I’ve worked at a pool for Many, Many years and always try to buy Speedo goggles for my kids. I’ve bought them at target, kohls, Sam’s club, etc. The goggles and nose piece should be one soft, plastic piece so you don’t have to make adjustments on the nose piece.

  • LeeH - I also have a Fuji Finepix XP. I bought it for kayaking, and it has survived 2 Color Run’s and the Warrior Dash 3 times. It’s one tough camera and the pictures are perfectly adequate.
    Love your underwater shots

  • Amy - Our goggle dilemma was only solved by one thing…money. Sorry. We use a local swim shop and spent a lot of time going through many brands and my boys tried them on. It’s amazing how many different brands can fit differently. We usually end up paying about $17 a pair. It’s just crucial that they don’t leave them lying around pools because they are way too expensive to lose.

  • Carrie L - These pictures are great…you can see just how much fun everyone is having!

  • Kerry - Our swim school recommends the Finn brand and my kiddos have been loving that they actually work!

  • kerry - finis not finn! sorry! Great pictures!

  • CarolineR - It’s been a while since I’ve taught swim lessons, but from what I remember it seemed the key was to find ones that felt comfortable enough (and truly fit properly) to begin with that the students forgot they were even wearing them. I often gave away the same kind I wore on my high school swim team- cheap TYR’s with foam gaskets. The key to fit is adjusting the nose piece and wearing the strap high enough on the back of the head that they don’t slip off. (Can’t emphasize that last part enough-even adults were amazed at how much better they stayed on!) If they are swimming indoors clear lens are best, and if outdoors grey or black to help reduce the glare of the sun. swimoutlet.com has them for $6- hope this helps!

  • Jenny - My two year old daughter is in the pool every single day and we found the easiest goggles to put on and fit to her face and eyes are Aquasphere. http://www.aquasphereswim.com/us/youths/overview-directories/eye-protection-youths The strap system makes it easy to tighten them once they’re placed on their eyes properly. She has an adult pair since her head is big πŸ˜‰ but they all work the same. Her swim school sells them but I’m sure there are some retailers that sell the brand too. Hopefully you’ll find something that works soon!! Red, burning eyes after swimming aren’t any fun!

  • Lacy - I second the Speedo goggles comment. I’ve been shocked this year that they don’t come off even after my boys repeatedly jump in the pool! Start looking at Target now and you can probably snag them on sale. Good luck!

  • Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis - I have to tell you, my boy and your girl have the same birthday I believe. He’s also 4. We didn’t get to swim much in Iowa the last two years, but now that we are back in the South (Amen!) there are pools everywhere again. He is pretty timid about the pool but slowly making progress. I should him these pictures and his eyes lit up seeing “the party” your kids were having under water! I think this may have helped open up a whole new world for him. Thanks again!!!!

  • sara - Every persons face is different. The only way we found the perfect pair for each person was at a swim shop. They have every pair they sell out. The sales person will fit each child with the pair that fits them perfectly. They should suction to their face completely. Not every speedo or aquasphere is equal we have learned. We usually buy a pair or 2 from the swim shop and then buy extras from Amazon once we find the prize.
    Good luck!

  • rachel @ a mother far from home - So this wasn’t taken with underwater casing? Do you not suggest those at all or they just didn’t meet your needs?

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - You’re right! These are so happy! I love the one with you and your girls. I have a little (very little) something to send to you. If you get a chance (ha! good joke, I know), can you drop me a note?
    mandiandjohn (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  • kimberly oyler - i think firecracker looks like your sister, lesley, in that last picture of her!

  • donna - I saw some great swim goggles called “Frogglez” they are specially designed for children between the ages of 3-6. Google search them and get all the info you need. Hope this helps

  • Kelli - Goggles: I finally pulled at the check book and INVESTED in goggles. I’m tired of throwing out $5 and $8 pairs. AQUA SPHERE is what we like. They are around $25 a pair, we always find them on sale though. Several styles and kids sizing. They come in a “keep me safe” case. My eleven year old LOVES them and is back to wanting to swim a lot. My 6 year old, gained significant confidence and now wears his in the shower as well when getting his hair washed. We are headed out to buy the 3 year old his pair as he has stolen the 6 year olds pair and doesn’t want to give them back. He was a head bobbing maniac at swim lessons this week with his brothers goggles. They are available on Amazon, but I found them just as cheap at Sport Authority and locally we were able to take them out and try them on. Wears more like a mask for the yes than goggles. The adjustment straps lock in place, a huge benefit to us. Push button adjust-ability. Worth every penny I over paid for them. πŸ™‚

  • Tricia @ The Domestic Fringe - These pictures are so amazingly fun and super-cool, it makes me want a new camera.

    So fun!

  • darcy - love underwater pictures! what camera did you use for the above? the fuji or the olympus?

  • Stephanie Berry - My kids love Speedo brand goggles.

  • Maegan - I’ll throw another vote for aqua sphere goggles in there. Bigger lens does wear more like a mask than goggles, locking strap yeteasy to adjust with the button. And yes they are an investment, but I was tired of throwing cheap ones away.

  • tracy a - I look forward to the day when you add pictures of little one to this collection! i’m so impressed that all your kiddos are such good swimmers. Lessons?? Thanks for the tips on tough cameras…that is a great Christmas idea!!

  • emily - best photos ever.

  • Stephanie - My company makes a great camera housing for iphones. I would be happy to send you one. We are a small company and our case is very durable, great for getting shots of my kids in the pool or surfing.

  • Bernie - It looks like they are doing fine without goggles. My family grew up in Fl. and NEVER wore goggles. We used a mask in the ocean though to see the “creatures” better.

  • Amanda - I have the Olympus tough camera and love it!!! It’s such a fun summer must have!! Adorable photos!!! πŸ™‚

  • Kirsten - Oh my goodness! I can FEEL the water through these pictures. Thank you for cooling off my hot and a/c-less summer! Love it.

  • Encarnação - Fantastic! This photos really motivated me to buy a waterproof camera. I’ve performed some research and kindly ask your advice. Which of the two would you recommend: Fuji XP or Olympus Tough? I also realised that there are (at least) two Fuji XP. Do you refer to XP60 or to XP170? Thanks a lot!

  • Laura - Have y’all tried Frogglez goggles? They’re pretty neat!

  • Asha - I have the Olympus Tough for underwater pictures. Finally got to use it a lot over the last month but it’s very hard to see the viewfinder underwater, never know if I’m even on the subject. Enjoyed looking at your underwater pics.

  • Debra - The only goggles my kids have consistently loved are the speedo Glide. They come in kids and junior and adult sizes. My kids transitioned to junior at about age six – they have big heads. They last several seasons (if you don’t lose them or let the dog chew them up or give them away to friends who come over to swim) and come in fun colors and are comfortable, but don’t let the water in. Win all around. Found online or at Target, generally run about $12 in our neck of the woods.

  • Ruthie - Hi was wondering… Do you homeschool?

  • Chantel - Love these shots so much! What great memories!

  • Shannon - My three have these goggles: http://www.amazon.com/Aqua-Sphere-Seal-Clear-Translucent/dp/B00005LJDQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374883578&sr=8-1&keywords=aqua+sphere+goggles+kids in all various colors. They love them and people at the YMCA where they swim are always asking where I got them.

  • Crystal Prychidko - I love the pics of the kids under the water! I am terrified of swimming in water, but I love water!! I know, weird!! I think it’s great to see how comfortable they are with being under water, smiling and eyes open!!

    Great pictures πŸ™‚