a boy with a plan

Earlier this week we were all in the car. From the very back, I heard my oldest randomly say, “Guys, I’m trying really hard to enjoy all this time with you because in 9 years I’m gonna be leaving. Hard to believe my time with you in halfway over.” I just shook my head and wrote it down really quickly. My heart broke a little, I might have called him a punk. But inside – I knew he was telling the truth. I was the oldest in my family. He and I are a lot a like. A lot.

Part of me feels such sadness at the thought of life without him in my home. Without seeing him everyday. Without him. But the other part of me, knows that is what is supposed to happen. That other part of me is excited about what his future might hold. To see this little boy as a man. It’s kind of the greatest adventure.

His favorite two books right now (activity type books) are one about building a backyard fort and one that teaches all kinds of ‘survival’ type stuff. It might have been wise for me not to buy him these books. My three boys and two of their neighbor friends have been drawing up all kinds of plans for their clubhouse. Right now it includes a porch for reading and a tower to watch for girls. Each day the fort plans get bigger. I told them all plans must be approved by me. When I told all 5 boys it had to be ‘pretty’ on the outside, I was met with an uproar of groans. I’m holding my ground.

Chris had our oldest write down his goals for the clubhouse…a list of “Why Do I Want A Clubhouse”. Here is what he wrote,

  1. A place to get away from my sisters.
  2. A place to make ideas
  3. A place to play games
  4.  A place to rest
  5. A place to hang out
  6. A play to go when I am bored

Evidently he is not enjoying all the times his little sisters invade his space! Every year he gets older, I think I like the new age even more than the last. When he turned 1..then 2…….then 9…each age feeling even more fun. I really like nine. He is developing my sense of sarcasm. Chris doesn’t have a sarcastic bone in his body, so it is fun to have someone else in the house that gets my sense of humor.

I asked him if I could write about him on my blog and instagram. He wasn’t so sure until I told him that people would see what I see – a pretty cool guy. Then I asked him if I could take a new picture of him. He doesn’t mind if I photograph him doing something, but he gets awkward if he is supposed to just stand and look at the camera. I just try to engage him and let him be awkward and goofy…knowing eventually he’ll make himself laugh naturally and then I’ll get my shot. That is exactly what happened. He was feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera and eventually laughed at himself. And I got one of my very favorite photos of him.

Shot with my iPhone 5 standard camera, edited with VSCO Cam

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