all their little girl splendor

Note: These photos were taken last week…before surgery!
The girls have birthdays exactly a week apart. There is not much that my oldest daughter likes more than matching her little sister. So when I got an email several months back from Jenny of Very Chic Baby ( about making my girls costumes – I jumped on the chance. Jenny let me pick them out, so I went with the one with most pink, purple and frills…because I knew that would make FireCracker the most excited. The plan was to let the girls open them together halfway between their birthdays. But, they arrived the day before Little One’s birthday and I just couldn’t wait for them to try them on.

Little One instantly started twirling in it. Cutest thing ever. She wasn’t so excited about pictures, but they both wore them proudly at her birthday party.

It is funny to go from seeing superheroes running around my house to little girls twirling everywhere. The princess dresses and ruffles still catch me by surprise. There was a time that all this girly stuff terrified me. Not so much anymore….I’m relishing seeing these two running around together in all their little girl splendor.

Thanks Jenny…they are a huge hit!

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  • barnicles - Such pretty dresses! so lovely 🙂

    Great to see you doing well with recovery. Every time you update it’s like a present, a treat and i jump with excitement!

    hope both the girls have great birthdays 🙂


  • Andy - they look so cute twirling in their dresses. I love the dresses. so cute

  • cassi - How cute, I love the twirls

  • Danielle - Those are adorable!!!

  • Katie R. - How sweet! They’re going to grow up being the best of friends 🙂

  • kimberly oyler - i love seeing firecracker as a big sister.

  • Jacci in Ohio - How adorable are they?! Those are too cute!

  • Kristin - Just back from vacation & wanted to thank you, Ashley… Coffee & catching up on your blog this morning is like a warm welcome home hug. =)

  • Nicole C - Now you just need some chucks’s to go with those dresses and they will be tomboy status 😉

  • Shayne - I love these dresses, they are gorgeous. Just found your blog and so thrilled that Little Ones surgery was a success xx

  • Kellee - Like star dust glistening on fairies’ wings
    Little girls dreams are of magical things.
    — Sherry Larson

    So sweet and just perfect to make their birthdays a wonderful memory 🙂

  • Iris - Did you know that the dresses almost look like traditional dresses from Austria?

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - I’m always amazed at how little Little One looks beside her big sister! These dresses are adorable. I hope they’ll enjoy dressing up for a long long time – girls are fun!

  • Jenny ~ VeryChicBaby - Ashley ~ I am thrilled the girls liked the dresses! They are so beautiful & happy in these pictures! I hope they play! play! play! in these dresses ~ let them wear them out 😉 Adore reading your blog as always – Thank you for letting me be part of a special memory like their birthday! Xoxo~~

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Now those are adorable! Love it!

  • Kirsten J - Adorable! I had my son first, and then when I was pregnant we found out it was a girl and I was flummoxed. All I knew was buzz cuts and jeans. And I remember when she was 4 or so, doing the laundry and loving how much pink there was. Imagine if I’d had another boy! Now of course, she’s a 13yo softball player. No more pink. Although, she does love to paint her nails….

  • Monica - I love how they look !

  • Amanda - I love this photo series. I love how Firecracker is always so protective over Little One. It demonstrates a kind of selflessness I hope carries her throughout her life. In other news I got an email today from a charity I support reminding me about an upcoming 60 Minutes tv spotlight. Mercy Ships takes old cruise ships and turns them into floating hospitals. They dock around the world, in places with little to no medical care, and offer much needed help and healing. I started supporting Mercy Ships because I knew a girl who volunteered with them as a nurse wand I wanted to support her ministry. But it all hit home today because one of their biggest ministries is cleft lip and palate repairs. I hope that my small support of Mercy Ships can help honor Little One’s life and your story as a family. If you catch Mercy Ships on 60 Minutes on July 21, know that I’m praying for your family and that my support to Mercy Ships can bring the kind of hope and healing you’re giving to Little One.

  • Elizabeth Highsmith - Every time you post pictures of firecracker and little one its like hearing the most beautiful sermon on love. The way she loved her before she even knew her the way she lavishly loves her now reminds me of the reckless love of Jesus. Thank you for sharing your life His love shines in this little corner.