Surgery updates on Instagram

Today is Little One’s cleft palate repair. I’m posting a few updates on Instagram…here is a web link:

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  • selwhat - Good luck Ashley! My heart is with you guys!

  • Inma - Good luck Litle One’s anda family frontal Spain!. I will pray forzarlo all you

  • Catherine - Thinking of you all. Hugs. xxxx

  • Stoich91 - Wonderful! Congrats – just discovered your Instagram, and WOW the video of Firecracker blew me away. I knew it would sound too creeperish but I always wanted to see a vid of the kids – feel like we are a part of their lives and it is so fun to actually see them in real time! Firecracker is such a hoot – stretching out and stuff before the swim lol So happy. thank God little One has such supportive, loving mommy and daddy to keep her company during the cray-cray hospital stuff ;D xoxoxo

  • Kelli - That little girl shines! Thank you for sharing some of that shine with us! Hugs and prayers.

  • Maureen - Thank you for taking the time to share with us Ashley. There are prayers I’m sure, from all around the world, including our little part of Alaska. Please give Little One Eskimo kisses from 3 Alaskans who love her also.

  • elizabeth H - my thoughts & prayers have been w. you all!