diy {washi tape bed}

FireCracker had a super cute bedroom…one I would have been happy never changing. I decorated it before she was born. Before baby dolls took over her room. Before she developed an opinion about her room. Before I knew she’d prefer to sleep on the floor in her brothers’ room over alone in hers.

It was a beautiful, clean room while it lasted. She is turning four very soon and both girls share a room now, which means it is time for bunkbeds.  I also wanted to fix up their room to fit their personalities more than mine. So, she and I have begun the process of giving the girls a new room.

We got bunkbeds from IKEA and I had planned on painting stripes on them. I even bought the paint. Once I began taping off sections to paint the stripes, I realized it would take way too long and I’d never get it finished. So, I pulled out my washi tape.

She and I just started adding tape in small sections. Her lines were wonky, so when she wasn’t looking I would come behind her and straighten them up. I was going to stick with 5 shades of the same color, but she had other plans. She is more of a rainbow girl than ombre anyway.

After I got all the tape on, I added a small amount of decoupage to the side you don’t see where the tape overlays. This will keep the edges from peeling up. I do understand that the girls could tear the tape off, but really don’t think they will. They both are pretty excited about it. Plus, I like that it will come off easily when we get tired of it. If you wanted a more permanent look, you could decoupage it all.

There is still lots to do in their room. I ordered some vintage wallpaper for one wall – can’t wait to get it hung. I’ll do a full tour when the room is finished. Until then, these two are enjoying themselves and their room.

The boys all have spring birthdays a couple weeks apart. These two are getting ready to turn 2 & 4. Today we kick off a whirlwind in our family – it is Chris’ birthday. Next up is Little One’s, then wrapping up the current SnapShop course, then July 4th, then a palate repair surgery and finally FireCracker’s birthday. All in the next 12 days.

Whew. I’m a little overwhelmed thinking about all that.

I’ll just focus on celebrating one amazing man today. Happy Birthday Chris!

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