diy {You Make Me Happy postcard gifts}

Earlier this year I posted some about wanting to plant ‘seeds of kindness’ in others. Basically I have some of the most thoughtful and encouraging friends and family and I want to me more like them. So, I’ve been trying to find different ways to spread a little kindness to those around me. Months ago I had the idea to send a postcard to a friend, but include a few more postcards that could be passed along. Kind of a happy snail mail pay it forward. I asked my sister if she would design a simple postcard that I could have lots printed. She sent the design my way in a few days. Now months later, I am finally doing something with that design!

The idea is super simple: wrap a small stack of postcards and mail them to someone who makes your day happy along with a personalized one from you.

Step 1: Decide on your design. You can create your own or purchase a design. I used my sister’s design, which you can buy in her shop.

Step 2: Print your cards. I printed mine at, all you have to do is upload the design and select your preferences. I did 4×6 postcards with rounded edges and a glossy finish. I ordered 100 and it cost less than $20.00. They have specials all the time, so I just wait and watch.

Lastly: I made stacks of 5, wrapped them in scrapbooking paper, added some tape & baker’s twine.

They aren’t anything fancy, but if I got one written to me with a stack to mail to 5 friends – it would make me happy. Real mail (not email) is one of my favorite things! Another one of my favorite things is having a sister who is a designer and I can somehow convince her to do stuff like this for me! Thanks Lesley.

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